Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Drive-by Terrorists

Just completed American Jihad - The Terrorists Living Among Us. Well, this one is a must-read primer providing an overview of the infiltration of Islamoterrorist groups into the United States. Of course, the groups are successful by using our laws for non-profit groups as well as charitable giving organizations. Apparently several have been closed for assisting terrorist fighters in Palestine and other places. It is my understanding that many of these organizations provide organizational and logistical support and are arguably terrorist or terrorist front groups. On the drive-by killings and terrorist attacks in the United States, one section of American Jihad is particularly of interest. We know that the terrorist leaders, bin Laden for one, have commanded their followers to exercise jihad any way you can, alone or with fellow terrorists. For the comment:
Mr. Marayati, who suggested that Israel was to blame for the 9/11 attack, had written.....praising Hizballah, and several years before had alleged that Israel had committed a major human rights violation in killing an innocent Palestinian. The "innocent Palestinian" had rammed his car in Jerusalem into a crowd of pedestrians waiting for a bus. Two Israeli kids were killed and, just for good measure, this "innocent Palestinian", not content with the death he inflicted the first time around, put his car into reverse and then into forward again attempting to plow once more into the crowd, just before an armed Israeli bystander shot the murderer to death. Militant Islamic publications calling for the killing of Jews littered the backseat of the terrorist's car. (pp.181-182)
Say what you will but that sounds rather similar to the Muslim man in California who rammed into many people at a coffee shop. Criminal or terrorist? Criminal court to make a mockery of our justice system or a military tribunal?


Blogger Mr Minority said...

Beach Girl,
Terrorist don't care how they kill innocent people, what they care about is how many they can kill. They are barbaric animals without conscience, or if they do have one, it is so distorted, that it would be unrecognizable by civilized man.

Mr Minority

7:58 PM  

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