Sunday, September 03, 2006

Western Nations - Reclaim Your National Sovereignty

Don't you hate it when you get a good night's sleep and then wake up thinking about something that makes you miffed for not having a pencil and paper close at hand so you can jot down notes. That happened to me this morning. And so I turn to you in the ethers with the aide of the bits and bytes of computer land. The issue is the delusion of the New World Order folks - both in the USA and in Europe. As I stated in an earlier post - War for the New World Order - there are many factions enaged in a war over who will control the globe. To me, these factions, with the exception of the Islamists, are suffering under the delusion that once able to float freely across what used to be national boundries, folks will just travel back and forth, trade, buy and sell, and the international conglomerates will rake in the money. All people will be happy, anesthetized by having basic needs met while they live in a manner determined by the conglomerates. "Do we allow them one television or four? How many cell phones do we need to sell annually to make a profit? What is the level of material goods every one needs (for maintenance) to have so that we can control them? How many cars for each family?" If it sounds as though I am opposed to business and to capitalism on the national level and on the level of international trade, I am not. What I am opposed to is loss of national cohesion, loss of national identity, loss of national sovereignty. Folks who see themselves as not owing allegiance to any particular nation will not defend that nation. When the Western nations succumbed to the illusion of the European Union and opened their borders and tossed their visa stamps to the wind, they embarked on a course of self-annihilation. We see it most prominently in the unwillingness of their Muslim citizens to assimilate. When 80% of your ethnic Muslim population supports the subway bombings, you as a nation are in big trouble. The North American Union (SPP) agreed upon by the President of the United States, Mexico, and Canada essentially formed a treaty without the approval of the Senate. The United States has de facto opened her borders and we see a mass migration into the United States. The migration is not, however, taking place in reverse. The one faction vying for world domination that is not distracted by trade agreements and such is the nation of Islam. Its "warriors" are migrating to the EU, now weakened in its greed and in its desire to be a unified competitor against the Great Satan (the United States). Similarly, the Islamists are migrating to the North American Continent as well. The problem is that the goals of Islamists are different. Their goal is world domination by Sharia Law. The EU and the North American Union cannot hold a candle to the focused attention the Islamists are bringing to their mission. What good is it to fight for the illusion of a New World Order built on economics when the most serious threat facing you doesn't give a hoot owl's behind about any of that? A visitor, a man of truth, Taking Sides, mentioned to me that the greatest threat he saw was not the invasion from Mexico, but the infiltration and threat of the ideology of Islamists. He has a point. He also has prepared a Declaration of War and has it posted on his site. In the warp and weave of ideas some get interwoven and because they follow the same thread they tend to merge. That is the hope: that they will merge, sifted, sorted, re-worked so that we will become of one voice. A friend told me once that "life is a do it to yourself project". The irony of the efforts of the utopian New World Order folks is that as they are busy breaking down national sovereignty worldwide, they are doing the work of the Islamist thereby making the goal of Islamic Imperialism much easier to accomplish. In fighting the spread of what some call "radical" Islam, all nations should join together including China and Russia. We should put our differences on the shelf and together deal with the one issue that seeks to subject us all. What should the nations do to reclaim their sovereignty?
  1. place a moratorium on all visas and entry into their nations of Islamists;
  2. rescind citizenship of all Islamists engaging in plots or plans to destroy the host nation's government and way of life by either peaceful or violent means;
  3. deport such persons following implementation of item 2;
  4. freeze all assets no matter what the source that are held for the support of terrorists and terrorist activities; and
  5. take under advisement the laws of such nations such as Saudi Arabia in terms of immigration laws, owning a holy book other than the Quran, and such.
The processes set in motion to establish a utopian New World Order are fatal. Nations must have sovereignty within their own borders; nations must have borders and they must maintain their national heritage, culture. When the borders are dissolved, the people have no loyalty for there is no place to be loyal to. There is no homeland to defend. Nations can be trading partners without giving up their most precious gift, the gift of national sovereignty. Without that so much else is meaningless. For what purpose do we have the UN - just in general but more specifically when nations cease to exist. With the way the UN dithers like a old maid asked out on a date, does anyone think the UN can stand up to Islamofacism? The leaders of the UN seem all in support of Islamic Imperialism. We see that painfully as we hear Kofi Annan speak badly of Israel in defending herself and her people. To Western Nations, I plead with you to put aside the imaginary veil of political correctness ushured into existence during the Clinton years. It is meant to strip you of any courage you had, to strip you of the will to defend yourself and your people. Is it going to be the last nail in the coffin of the West?
"Here lies a once great civilization, overrun by an ideological phrase."
Western nations, I call upon you to reclaim your sovereignty. You can trade and have sovereignty too. If you wait much longer, you may have nothing to claim. The notion of a New World Order built like Liberalism on philosophies of the 1960's and built on the ideologies of Communism and Socialism of the 30's and 40's are ineffectual when facing the Islamist totalitarian aim of today. The notion of a New World Order is an utopian dream and it will go the way of all dreams, up in a whiff of smoke.


Blogger Russet Shadows said...

I am afraid that people will not reclaim Englishness, Austrianness, Americanness, until they can see it being taken from them. We must create some sort of devestatingly-effective way of hammering this point home. Something viral. Something visual. Something showing the change from now to that awful dystopia that breathes down our necks. You are right in what you say, for all broad-based empires of convenience have failed. Think Austria-Hungary and World War I, for starters. :o

9:40 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Russet Shadows, I'm afraid we are being so diluted that all can be lost before folks even know it. Also, they won't know what they have lost. Some of this associates with the TSA and such things as simply giving up freedoms of mobility. It's like the entire class is being punished, kept after school, because of the actions of a few.

How do we create an effective way for hammering this point home? It is a dilemma because we (moms and dads) are both working to support families and having hardly any time to think about more than where next month's house payment is coming from. All distressing.

I fear that when they see it being taken from them the reaction may be severe. Not good for anyone but always when we are pushed against the wall. Then and only then do we take action, sometimes devastating action.

3:21 PM  
Blogger B29 said...

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4:18 PM  
Blogger B29 said...

BG, don' hold you breath for Russia to join Western (or whatever left of it) world in the fight with the mediaeval plague of Islamism. "Let them blow your planes first, not ours" thinking is prevalent in post-post-communist Russia nowdays. Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, sequel 2 in the working. Apparently, history is not a favorite subject in KGB schools, so the history is bound to repeat itself.

4:22 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Too bad, for they will surely come for the Russians too. Really too bad.

10:49 PM  

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