Thursday, September 07, 2006

Grammy and Gramps on patrol - Border Patrol, that is!

Before you jump all over me and say, "Not everyone on border patrol with the Minutemen are retirees, you stupido!" Let me say, "I know that." Having acknowledged that many good patriots volunteer with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, at least let's agree that many are senior citizens and many bring their expertise as Vietnam Vets, retired law enforcement officers, and the spouses of same to the table or rather to the tent and RV cities they build. They know from hard-fought experience that the government caved in Vietnam. Maybe the invasion is one war they know in their hearts that policy wonks in the administration are giving bad advise to our elected officials. Maybe the Minutemen don't want our nation to cave on this one. When their great-grandchildren ask, "What did you and Grampa do to stop the invasion, Grammy?" Grammy can take the pictures from her laptop and say proudly, "Jimmy, Grampa and I went to the border. That's the American flag there waving from our camper." The Minutemen are getting ready for their October border watch. According to their site, it's not too late to get the background check. And the list of sophisticated, high-tech, expensive equipment you need includes: a lawn chair, binoculars, water bottles, a cell phone, etc. If you are unable to go to the border, you can donate funds to help supply the volunteers and/or you can do what I've done - buy your own 12 inches of fence. One foot of the border fence costs about $150.00. Now, one foot isn't very long, but it is tall. Where the hell's General Patton? I'll tell you where. He's embodied in the ranchers who turn part of their land over to the Minutemen. He's in the men and women watching for illegals invading our nation; men and women who sit on the border in their lawn chairs with flags waving from their campers, their lives in danger from drug smugglers and coyotes. Our very own State Department has issued warnings to Americans that it is too dangerous to be along our borders. Can you imagine? Our State Department issuing warnings for Americans not to go to our own borders because it's too dangerous. Where are we? Trying to go to Machi Pichu (sp) in Peru? The Shining Path? What? Now, that's really something if you think about it. The government of the United States of America telling Americans we cannot protect you if you go to our own borders. Think about that; really let it sink in. Then contact the Minutemen and say, "The relinguishing of our nation, of our national sovereignty will not stand. Sign me up!" When you receive your Minuteman Civil Defense Corps membership card, it won't matter that the card is thin and unadorned. The only thing that will matter is that you did something to defend our nation; you helped Grammy and Gramps!


Blogger Russet Shadows said...

Now that's a great post! Perhaps the first thing we should do before pulling out of the U.N., is get rid of that bloated stinking mass of status quo called the State Department. To the borders, all! Let the clarion call ring -- "We will not be Rome!"

7:58 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Glory be! To the borders.... You're the man!

9:15 PM  

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