Thursday, August 24, 2006

Letter from the Left Coast

Received a letter from the left coast. Yes, there is at least one conservative in California. Headline: Europeans hold off on peace force to Lebanon. (New York Times News Service) Dear Beach Girl: Clearly, the bold Europeans are going to take more days to make a definitive step to commit troops than what the press loves to call the twelve day war, missing the truth by a mere 12 centuries. The Europeans have muffed the effect of Muslim immigration in their own countries by decades leaving them behind the 8 ball, not only at home but in their ability to act internationally. Are we far behind? Bush had demonstrated more leadership than he gets credit for: toppled Saddam... new constitution and democracy in Iraq... Toppled Taliban... new democracy in Afghanistan. Book ending - Iran. Look at a map! I'm so sick of voices in our country advising us that the moderates in Iran will soon overthrow the Mullahs from within (with a little vocal encouragement from us). The concept of moderates overthrowing facist Muslim regimes worked so well when left to the moderate Kurds who were begging for our military support. In Africa, the moderate Rwandans... In Asia, the moderate Taiwan-bound Chinese... The moderate North Koreans... The bottom line is our moderates talking to their "moderates" equals U.S. defeat. RLS


Anonymous Steven Wood said...

The reason that Europeans are less keen to "act internationally" is because they all have a long history of international intervention and regime change, it's called "imperialism" and it doesn't work.

5:10 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Jury is still out on that, Steven (on imperialism not working). See Buchanan's book, A State of Emergency. See the trends in Denmark, Netherlands, Britain, France, Scandinavia generally, Germany. Get back to me after we see how Islamic Imperialism works and how the Mexican take-over of US works. As Buchanan says, "What the Danube and Rhine were to Rome, the Rio Grande and Mediterranean are to America and Europe, the frontiers of a civilization no longer defended." (p.2)

1:59 PM  

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