Monday, August 21, 2006

Islamic Law vs. Secular Law in America

We may need to take a look at our concept of the separation of church and state to determine if the state is in fact imposing Islamic Law into the secular realm of our democratic republic or is being softly led in that direction. Recently, I was visiting an exceptional blog. The main topic was Moderate Islam vs. Radical Islam. The visitors to this blog were all heavy hitters and knew what they were talking about. Frankly, I was a novice among kings in their presence just reading. The bottom line seemed to be that we were arresting the radical fanatics and we were “on the case”, as it were, of the terrorists and their cells. That is comforting in so far as it is true. Anyway, the radicals were not that much concern in the larger view. As an aside, I still wonder why in our age of enlightenment we allow and encourage the establishment of Wahabi schools, madrassas(sp) in our country. Don’t talk to me about religious freedom here. We certainly wouldn’t allow the KKK to have schools where children were indoctrinated into racial or religious hatred. Would we? Maybe we would if the KKK and the Aryan Nation boys and girls had couched their ideology in the robes of religion instead of political ideology. Would we, then? What did our government do with the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas? They were couched in the robes of religion – a form of Christianity, using the Holy Bible as their gospel. We know what happened to them - toast. As in Animal Farm, some religions are more equal than others, are they not? Is that true? I hope the day never comes when we no longer have freedom of religion, to worship as we please, not as dictated by the law. Now, let’s go back to moderate Islam vs. radical Islam for a moment. Some bloggers have very good points that the radical Islamofacists are being tracked as I said previously. Most of the bloggers seemed focused on the “under the radar” more inventive steps some moderate Muslim groups may be taking to undermine our nation’s concept of freedom of religion by using our own laws against us. One such effort that was suggested was the removal of any pork food products from a public school system. If this effort is true and the courts fall for it, will the wonderful delight of bologna and mayonnaise sandwiches with a bag of chips become things of the past? It’s an American tradition. As I understand it, the theory goes like this. My religion forbids the eating of pork (a part of Islamic Law); therefore all pork must be removed from proximity to my children. Hence, pork will no longer be served in a given school system. We had children of Jewish faith in our public schools when I was a child. They did not sue to take pork (not eating pork is a part of Hebrew Law) away from us; they simply chose not to eat pork. Should it occur, any imposition by Court Order of Islamic Law upon any non-Muslim American establishes precedent and is a first step toward the imposition of more Islamic Law upon us all, is it not? We need to be vigilant. Pork being removed from the lunchroom of a public school is not the practice of religion when my religion allows me to eat pork; yet, through legal precedent, pork could be taken away from me. It is the confusion of the Court and the abridgement of our theory of the separation of church and state that is of concern. I do not know if this has occurred or is just being talked about. If it is true, then we have been put on notice that Islamic Law is not coming to America; it is here. Will a day come when you can’t get a cold beer and a foot-long hot dog with the works at a Washington Redskins football game? I guess then you’d pay attention. As long as I can say it, “God bless you and God bless America!”


Blogger B29 said...

What exactly sets religions and cults apart? Why Davidians are followers of acult and Muslims are not?

4:26 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Just read the definitions for cult. Perhaps there are divisions within Islam that various Muslims see as cults. Don't know. I have been told that one thing sets religions and cults apart: time in grade and lasting power, essentially that all religions were cults to the ruling power of the time with whom the "cults" came into conflict either for belief systems, money, or political control. Early Christians were considered a cult and certainly threatened the established order. Just a thought. Great to hear from you, B29.

6:02 PM  

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