Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Profiling in Defense of Liberty - A Free People

We are a free people being tyrannized by a willful enemy who hides in civilian clothing and lives and dies by an ideology that encourages its adherents to kill themselves, their children, and other peoples’ unsuspecting husbands, wives, daughters, sons, brothers, and sisters to achieve their end. Their leadership says the goal is to establish an Islamic caliphate in Europe and perhaps ultimately in the United States. But then when the darkness descends, what will they have achieved? Perhaps one example of the darkness is the sight of the thousand-year-old Buddhist statues carved in the side of a mountain in the region of Afghanistan being blown up. As an aside, I cannot help but wonder how kindly Hugo Chavez would take to these folks threatening his country? I doubt that he would be concerned with political correctness. For the record, political correctness is the absence of freedom of speech. In terms of our freedom, an issue that concerns me is that no government program ever shrinks. Expansion is the name of the game to survival as an agency. There is big money in fighting the war on terror. Why close our borders when the louder we scream “defend our nation”, the more legislation is passed, the more money is spent to hire more people? The enemy guerillas, the drug cartels and the coyotes in effect ensure more jobs for departments like the behemoth Department of Homeland Security, and on it goes. I’m not saying we don’t need some of these brave folks; I am just concerned that a vested interest in “growing” a given agency eventually permeates the personnel. I support closed borders and restricted immigration. I support ending the “anchor baby” program. However, every time my President speaks of securing the borders of Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, et al, I cringe. I cannot square that rhetoric with the clear erosion of our national sovereignty exactly because our borders are anything but secure and our State Department, at least the bureaucracy, seems totally blind to the threat we face. As I recall, they even managed to approve the request for visas to several of the 9-11 murderers months after the attacks had occurred. To any Americans who are hurt by profiling, my apologies, but we didn’t make up the behavioral profile characteristics of terrorists. They’ve handed the profile to us on a platter and carved it out as brutally as they murdered Daniel Pearl. Let it be noted for future generations, that if our leaders come to their senses and use the tools available to truly safeguard our individual liberties and throw down the gauntlet saying, “You shall not intimidate our citizens and we will not allow your heinous tactics to encroach upon their liberties as a free people.”, the course – profiling – was forced upon them by the terrorist guerrillas upon whom reason and negotiation is futile while force and unwavering will is all that the guerrillas respect. We had best be about the business of remaining free (and alive). God bless you, God bless America, and God bless the men and women risking their lives working undercover on our behalf!


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