Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Profiling in Defense of Liberty(2)

The young people arrested last week in England have been called “home grown” terrorists. I take exception to that. They are not learning their hatred from the traditions of England. They are native-born in many cases but let’s not forget that they are indoctrinated with hatred and 7th Century beliefs from birth and through the protestations of their imams spewing hatred, death to the infidels, death to America. What Christian pastor would be allowed for long to instruct his congregation to kill non-believers? And who but a fanatic would encourage a young mother to blow up herself as well as her sixth month baby when she should be filled with joy and promise? Several years back, a famous imam in London put England on notice that Islam intends to take over England and make England an Islamic nation (so much for the separation of church and state as we define it). We had better pay attention. So, I ask, “How stupid are we and why were Egyptian students allowed into the country on student visas to then disappear into the fabric of the nation?” Valuable resources had to be used to find them. Until we (the West) get this terrorism under control and call our enemy who they are, the tightening of security at airports (and not at our borders/points of entry) will only continue to harass the law-abiding and assist the enemies toward their goal, which is the erosion of our way of life, i.e., freedom. While there may be many “innocent” folks practicing Islam who would not do our nation harm, it makes no sense at the present time to enable potential enemies to come into the nation, beat us up in criminal court with our own laws, and then let us pay for their court-appointed lawyers to boot. Weak indeed. To terrorists, we must seem as bread dipped in milk. To keep our society free, we must demand that our leaders conduct the enemy tracking/surveillance that they are doing and use our resources wisely. In my view, we are not fighting a “religion” but an armed and insidious militant ideology with the total design of over-throwing our nation and all those of the West. The take-over is seen as major terrorist attacks through intimidation/paralyzing air travel as an example, or more subtly through “protected” status derived from our Constitution as the ACLU rails on curtailing freedom of speech of young valedictorians and the image of the Twin Towers burns in our minds. Recently, the President stopped calling radical Islam the “Religion of Peace”. Instead, he said our enemies were Islamofacists (coined by Michael Savage) and Islamic Totalitarianism. Immediately, CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations – Does this mean relations between America and Islam?) expressed offense at the terms. CAIR had the effect they wanted and now (8/16/06), the President properly chastised has amended his statements to say (paraphrased) these people (our enemies) are extremists bound by ideology trying to achieve a political objective (read, the over-throw of Western Civilization). In David McCullough’s John Adams, (p. 60), Adams is quoted, “Be it remembered,” Adams wrote in his Dissertation, “that liberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. But if we have not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood.” Do I support intelligence agencies monitoring money flow and internet sites, and cell phone conversations? Absolutely. Can I remain silent as everyone is indiscriminately searched (without warrant) at airports? No, under the present scheme, all travelers are presumed guilty. I understand the need for security but certainly there must be a way to safeguard our liberties and still let flyers go about their business in relatively peaceful surroundings. I know; I know you say, “But we have to be protected. We’ll give up our freedoms. We don’t mind a little inconvenience and we don’t mind being herded like cattle, poked, prodded, and patted down.” Fine but, like cultures, all administrations are not morally equivalent. Are you willing to take the chance that they are?


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