Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Iraq War Straining American Psyche?

Mr. President, recently you were quoted as having "acknowledged the war is "straining the psyche" of Americans here at home." (Washinton Times, 8-22-06) It isn't our psyche that is being strained. It is our patience. Let our men fight in Iraq full-out, pedal-to-the-metal smashing all resistence in their path. Then, when the Iraqi people and our contractors would be safe, we can get about re-building the nation with the Iraqi people. Our men are fighting males who cover their faces in cloth. These same bastions of courage use rusty knives to behead men on their knees screaming for their lives with their hands tied. These same folks wear civilian clothes, hide behind civilian men, women, and children, and attack our troops from within the homes of these same civilians. When our troops fight as they have to, they get arrested and we get the Pendleton Eight. Anyone wonder why some brave Marines aren't re-enlisting? The idea that, in one month, 3,400 Iraqis were killed by the paramilitary bands of "insurgents" and we are not letting our men use the advanced weapons that they have is - well questionable. Haven't we learned anything from the result of Hezbollah attacking Israel? Never negotiate with terrorist guerrillas and, by the way, let the boys do the heavy lifting. No disrespect to our Secretary of State intended but "we shouldn't expect the UN to disarm Hezbollah?" Really? Do we have to wait until Israel is attacked again? Until terrorists topple a government as happened in Madrid with bombings in a subway-train system? Anyway, why don't we just let John Bolton make a statement at the UN, something like this: "Here's the deal. There's a nice bunch of folks here at Turtle Bay. Boys and girls mulling things over; passing resolutions, but it just isn't working. So, we've chatted with a few allies and this is the plan. The next time any terrorist group or terrorist individual anywhere threatens to bomb or bombs any one of our allies, shuts down our transportation and commerce, the next thing you may see - depending on where you are at the time - is a bright flash over someplace... Any questions?" I know, silly Conservative Beach Girl musings. I just don't want to see the next 40-50 years spent reducing our liberties and rights when a few General Pershings could get the job done, at least for the next 50-100 years or so.


Anonymous Steven Wood said...

That post was the most obvious example of the sort of black and white world view that Bush and Blair want to paint. Whether you care to admit it or not, the arab nations have been cheated and bullied and manipulated for their oil ever since they were found to have it. You can't seriously believe the war in Iraq is to do with anything else either. Here in the UK the same PM who wants to "spread freedom" in the middle east agrees to sell Eurofighters to Saudi Arabia. The US sells this awful regieme more weapons than any other country in the world. The Saudi's sponsor terrorism far more than saddam hussein ever did (how many of the 9/11 bombers came from Saudi for example ? How many from Iraq ?). But, the govt. there don't represent the anti US feeling of their people and they're happy to sell us lots of their oil, so it's OK right ?

From the outside this sort of thing is blatantly obvious, how could it not be ? What are they on about "freedom" for ? It's nonsense. Iraq was an easy target, hated by the US public after the first gulf war, the propaganda was highly effective once again this time. After 11 years of UN sanctions, which had resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. when it's military expenditure was far less than even that of Kuwait which it had invaded 11 years before, and even Kuwait itself didn't regard it as a threat, the american public were told that Iraq was a imminent threat to the US and had to be stopped and stopped now. It's absolute nonsense. History will surely record this. As long as they can control the amount of oil hitting the world markets, then that's probably OK, they wont leave until the oil supplies are well and truly secured.

Hizbollah are not regarded by most of the world as a terroist organisation. Read up about the Cuban 5 for example, the meaning of the word "terrorist" is always defined by the powerful. Links between Hizb. and al-quaeda, no doubt taken for granted by you - don't exist. Nor am I aware that Hizb. has the stated aim to wipe out Israel. It's certainly not in their founding statement. None the less that is what we are told by our media so it must be true.

The sort of war that you seem to be advocating the US + Israel prosecute would never work and would result in hundred of thousands of civilan deaths. The public don't have "the stomach" for that you may say, I'd say they wont stand for the wholesale slaughter of even more defenceless Iraqis.

Finally Israel will only be an "ally" of the US as long as the US and industrial world requires access to the regions oil, another generation at most. What do you think will happen to Israel and the middle east after this ?

6:01 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Steven, I have been taught to always follow the money and to look at who gains both the money and the power. I tend to believe we should stay out of internal politics of other nations but sometimes I guess that is not possible. And about the Saudis - no it isn't right. On the links between Hezbollah and al Quaeda, I take nothing for granted and believe little of what I read and even less of what I see on TV.

On Israel, the Iranian President has stated his aim to wipe Israel off the map. I take him at his word. Unlike many of my fellow citizens, I absolutely believe that when a Muslim leader speaks, he means it, notwithstanding the teachings that he is to lie to the infidel - regardless.

Little if anything our respective media tell us is true in my belief. I am very much against the slaughter of Iraqi civilians and no, I don't advocate the US and Israel fighting anyone together. But what do they do when the war is brought to their doorstep?

When the industrialized nations no longer need the Middle Eastern oil - very long way away - the people in the Middle East will continue to be controlled by the same regimes they have now. Will that end the bombings in the London subway? Surely, you don't condone the murders of innocent moms and dads working at their desks in the World Trade Centers.

Surely you won't tell me the bombing (via airplane) of the WTCs was to get the ugly Americans, et al, out of the Middle East. Come on, Steven, certainly there's more to it all than that. Imperial Japan wanted to keep the US out of the Pacific initially and bombed Pearl Harbor to cripple our fleet. We know how that turned out.

Let's hope we don't have that in store again. Steven, sometimes the only view one is allowed to have is that "sort of black and white worldview", not foisted on one by national leaders, but rather forced by world events.

Enjoyed visit to London, by the way. Road the bus throughout many of the suburbs and watched as the languages on the stores changed from English to Korean, and other languages I do not know.

In your view, why were the undergrounds bombed last July?

6:58 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Steve, one more tiny thing if I failed to be clear. I support Israel and it's right to exist, oil or no oil. Period. I support the US and other allies arming Israel. From my view, we have imported roses from Israel. Besides oil, what else have we imported from that region?

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Steven Wood said...


I don't come from London - I'm Scots, and live and work in Edinburgh. But London is a wonderful city and a shining example of multi-culturism. You should try and visit Edinburgh some time too, I'm sure you would like it.

I think the undergrounds were bombed because the bombers believed they were doing the right thing. Of course this sounds obvious, but they no doubt believe that the UK is murdering muslims in the middle east in the name of oil, and that would probably be about right in many ways. They have also been poisoned into thinking that they were martyrs for the islamic cause etc. Now these sort of tactics are utterly contemptable of course and the logic of anyone who has setup their home here and enjoyed a pretty decent life in this country carrying out such an attack is twisted to say the least.

One thing that needs to be addressed is that these attacks as awful as they are, are not random. If it was immoral western culture they wanted to wipe out, they could start with Amsterdam :)

This is a dangerous time for the UK and especially challenging for it's multi-cultural society as I hear a lot of voices on the right who think that the Islam is basically the problem and any "solution" that doesn't address the inherent evil that is part of the religion is pointless. look at and the comments section to see this sort of logic. What annoys me is the polarisation of people which is a result of the language used by blair "arc of extremism" etc. They are desperate to "join the dots" so that every disparate group that attacks any western interest (and I include Israel) for whatever reason is portrayed as being one and the same as the people who bomb the underground or fly planes into buildings. Hizbollah, Hamas are just the same as al-Quaeda and need to be destroyed according to this line of thinking.

When it comes to meddling in the affairs of others, the UK and US have a long and continuing record of this. The war is already at other peoples doors and has been for a long time.

I happen to believe that once the middle east runs out of oil (which will only be in a generations time) the west will "dis-engage" and over a few more generations tensions will ease if not disappear. This is not a clash of civilisations[sic] and we shouldn't pretend that most of the hostility towards the west does not come from our imperial ambitions in the middle east. The west have always wanted the middle easts oil "one of the greatest material prizes ever known to mankind" as the US state dept. once described it. Without access to oil it would be econimic meltdown time. As china grows more powerful and looks to secure it's own oil supplies (from Iran amongst others) the world is poised for a major clash although one would imagine that the deterrants possesed by both sides would prevent a full scale war from ever breaking out.

Maybe I should start my own blog instead of hijacking someone elses ! I hope that answered your question

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Steven Wood said...

On Israel - I think that they are in many ways just a tool in the desperate struggle for oil access. History would suggest that it would be unwise for them to rely upon US arms (which are not only sold, but given) and foreign aid for survival once they are no longer of strategic importance.

Imagine for a second (as hard as it is) a middle east in which Israel and its neighbours got on and cooperated economically. in other words a middle east without need for the US. What do you think the US would make of it's control over such a vital (to it's own interests) region of the world being removed ? People really need to think about whether it is in american interest for this to happen.

11:30 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Steve, traveled to Edinburgh. Toured the Highlands in September a few years back. Heather everywhere. At end of trip, spent two nights in a beautiful Scandinavian(sp) hotel. If you were facing Edinburgh Castle I guess on the Royal Mile, church and hotel are on the left across that major bridge (you know where I mean). Enjoyed the castle. In Saint Andrews, I skipped out on my tour group and went to see Saint Andrews Cathedral. I have memories of Edinburgh being the cleanest city I have ever seen. Did not get to the Low Lands but enjoyed the Highlands enough for a lifetime. Wonderful place. I can see the beauty of Scotland and even now feel the mist as it settled over a loch. I woke up to a room full of mist since I had left my windows open in the night. This was on a lake near where a clan had buried so many of their people when the Campbell's turned on them(you know where I mean - starts with a B). I couldn't spell it, let alone pronounce it. We travelled from Glasgow up to the Fort William area and beyond.

You may visit my site and chat as you wish. Just allow us to agree to disagree on some issues.

2:45 PM  

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