Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Points to Ponder

Just read that a well-known writer/political commentator said that, with Europe and its aging polulation, the culture that many of us have come to know is slipping away. Further, he suggested that the replacement population, Islam, is already in place and that the only question is how / when the transfer of real estate will take place. [as read in the Patriot Post - August 2006] If we could just step back a moment and pretend that we are pulling an all-nighter geo-politcal discussion in the dorm, I'd like to throw out a few questions. If Islam is in place to take over Europe through attrition, and if other nation-states are seen as weak, what does that portend for the rest of the planet? If you want to take the time, and you are familiar with the Red State/Blue State method of characterizing states in the United States, take a few moments and look at a world map. Just for discussion, take three highlighters (or more depending on the catagories you decide upon) and then shade in the nations of the world - free democratic republics, totalitarian/dictatorship types of government, and those sort of in the middle. You could also do this for nations based upon theocracies, assorted (freedom of religion), and such. Just highlight them in the frame of how do the nations stack up as allies of each other? After you've done the exercise, what do you see? I can't see China and Russia - as we know them today - changing much except in gaining more international power. What will the geo-political structure of the planet be like in the next 50 to 100 years? Will Iran achieve it's stated goals? Will the UN be dissolved? Or will the UN become the head of the New World Order? Will Israel give up more land for peace? Will the nations of Europe be one strong nation-state? What happens in Indonesia? Where will Taiwan be in the mix? How about Australia way down under? Will Mexico, Canada, and the United States join as a nation along the model of the European Union? Any possibility that "we can all just get along"? Maybe take a look at the early United States of America model supported by President George Washington as well as Thomas Jefferson - neutrality regarding the affairs of other nations and trading with those with whom any given nation can trade equitably. What do you think? Do the alliances look like you expected? Better; worse? How is your homeland doing in this Wonderland World?


Anonymous Steven Wood said...


Well the biggest change will be of course be the exhaustion of oil. This has major ramifications as the worlds major powers will have no stretgic interest in the middle east whatsoever. Israel will have to cease to exist as a US dependancy and wake up and see that they are as much pawns in the whole quest for access to oil as the arabs are. Waffling about WMD and "spreading democracy" to the middle east has never really washed with most of us anyway as it is demonstrably propaganda.

Whether we can navigate our way into the "post-industrial" age without a major war over access to dwindling strategic resources remains to be seen.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thanks for your comment, Steven. Points to ponder, indeed.

5:49 PM  

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