Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Invasion of US - It's all politics, my dear!

Good morning! To my international friends out there in the ethers of the internet, my apologies. We here in the United States are moving into our mid-term election cycle. We will never have the wonderful and colorful process of the British Parliment where the PM answers questions and the back-benchers shout out their dissent but we are in the political season nonetheless. Our media seems fixated on the self-confessed murderer of JonBenet Ramsey. The condition of the Olmert government in Israel has dropped off the major networks to my dismay. The glorious work of the UN peacekeepers continues and the revision of the numbers of French troops being sent to Lebanon is down now to what 2-4 hundred? A rather grumpy Beach Girl here this morning. Need to get my coffee. Pat Buchanan's book, A State of Emergency, has just come out. I want to mention a few points before I read it. I want to toss out a few ideas that have been swimming around in my politically-oriented mind for several years now. One aspect of what I have to say about the US government aided and abetted invasion from Mexico sounds a bit cynical even to me but here goes. Due to about 1.3 million abortions annually in the US since 1973, in my view, the nation is seeing a demographic shift partially due to the void created by the Court-sanctioned "removal" (to put it euphemistically, otherwise known as a "woman's right to choose) of around 40 to 50 million tiny little bits of protoplasm who would have grown up to be humans, not redwoods of California and certainly not the Spotted Owl. The latter might have been preferable for then they would have been on the endangered species list - but I digress. The non-Hispanic white population is decreasing; the black population is maintaining sort of; the Hispanic white population is increasing. I'll get to the abortion issue in a later post. That post will probably be titled, How the Left killed Western Civilization - or something like that. Stay tuned. Some in the US today could make the case that the government is not enforcing immigration laws. Duh! I believe Mr. Buchanan like many others agrees with that assessment. I do. But then, looking at the Senate-passed Amnesty Bill, which is clearly intended to shift demographics, and more quickly than normal immigration and assimilation (which most Americans accept as the right way to go) would do, I find myself a tad cynical on the issue. In the Senate Amnesty Bill, I believe US citizenship attaches and would be the order of the day in a few years. Some say 17 years. And so we see the pandering and the scramble for the Hispanic white vote, even now when Hispanic-surnamed citizens themselves do not like the illegal immigration. Hypothetically, just to focus on the largest voting blocks, if say the Hispanic population is around 40 million, the black population is around 37 million, and the non-Hispanic white population is around 100 million, we would seem to be able to deal with our demographics changing over the next hundred years or so slowly and systematically with assimilation and intermarriage. No problem for me. But, let's say, the Senate Amnesty Bill is passed as the President wants. In very short order the Hispanic population jumps to 80 million or more (counting births, the anchor baby program, extended families being brought into the country, etc). The black population simply cannot keep up demographically and slips farther down the list in numbers. The non-Hispanic whites hold their numbers at around 150 million. One can see that the political parties will take the non-Hispanic white vote for granted, pay lip-service to the black population, and court the Hispanic white population. Now here is where my cynicism slips in. There is a possibility that President Bush's brother, Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida, may have aspirations to the Presidency. I dont' know. I do know that President Bush has a handsome, charismatic nephew by the name of George P. Bush. Now, George P., you may recall, spoke elegantly and articulately at the Republican Convention in 2000. George P. is fluent in Spanish and English, and has (I believe I have read this) had well-received speaking engagements before predominately Hispanic white crowds. Could the US government aided invasion from Mexico be paving the way demographically for George P.'s ascendency to the Presidency? Just a thought. I know it is early where I am so just forgive me as a rambling Beach Girl. All of this begs the question, how old will George P. be in about 17 years? My guess, a perfect age to assume the Presidency. I'm not saying that is bad or good. I'm just saying look down the road beyond the loss of our national sovereignty, beyond the non-Hispanic whites and blacks becoming unprotected minorities. I have to wonder if affirmative action will be held in place then. My guess is no. My apologies to our black citizens. In my view, the days of throwing the "race" card at non-Hispanic whites will soon be over and, except for local political races, the political influence of the black voting block will dwindle. We are in interesting times. One thing I do love though is that in all polls and demographic surveys, white skinned folks are increasingly referred to as non-Hispanic whites, supporting the position I have long held that Hispanics are white. Certainly there are only six races in the world (not to be confused with ethnicity). And certainly Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites easily intermarry. Both groups are predominately Christian with strong family values and a strong work-ethic. No dispersions intended here at any other ethnic groups so don't accuse me of racial bias. I'm just telling you the way I see it. If you have a different view, let's hear it. The more the merrier. There is more to this erosion of our national sovereignty than meets the eye. Can it all be politics, my dear? You be the judge. For the sake of our nation (of all American citizens) we need STATESMEN. If our elected officials focus on what is best for the nation and stop putting their attention of pandering for votes in the short-term, their positions will be secure and so will our position as a strong nation and as an ally of other like-minded nations. Coming soon, How the Left killed Western Civilization (under the guise of "a woman's right to choose") and lost their own power in the process.


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