Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Counter View

I have to work on this but a member of my family gave me another view today as we talked about the plot to destroy airplanes over the Atlantic and kill hundreds of innocent people. What I call intrusion upon my liberties, my relative calls a cancer that must be cut out. That as long as we tolerate the terrorists and treat them as morally equal, we will continue to be manipulated and controlled by them. To boil it down, the view is that soon Americans will get tired of being manipulated by the terrorists and will demand that our elected officials deal with the terrorists as terrorists not as civilians breaking a few laws. To deal with them as terrorists, sorry but the rules of war and the criminal law do not apply. The only benefit these people have for law enforcement is what they can provide with regard to intelligence gathering. Think of adolescents acting out. A wise parent disciplines with a firm hand. The terrorists want to kill us. They do not mince words. We had better take them seriously. To have elderly ladies searched and traumatized in the airports of their own nation is unconscionable. We have to stop it. Our elderly and our children must be protected. It is and always has been easier to scrutinize the law-abiding. I do not share my relative's optimism about my fellow citizens rising up and throwing political correctness to the wind. When we have a criminal on the loose, we get a picture and a description. What the heck are we afraid of? I don't want to give up our sovereignty to Mexico and I don't want to have any Americans killed by terrorists. [So, the Democrat leadership wants to reason with the terrorists. Let's just give 'em some bleach so that they can take the red and blue out of our flag and just make it a sparkly white for surrender. While I'm at it, how can the UN negotiate with a terrorist militia without bestowing upon them some credibility?] Here we have "love thy neighbor as thyself" vs. "kill the infidel". Where the heck is General Patton? Earth to General Patton, we need you. Okay, the General had to apologize to a lily-livered coward he roundly slapped across the face. But the General chewed a little crow and got about his business - defeating the Nazis. I'm sure everyone mustered out to hear his apology knew the little coward needed a thrashing, not a slap. Now I hear on the radio that an undercover agent foiled the plan. Good gracious! Can't our news people shut up, for once. They drive this lady to swearing. At least, President Bush is calling this what it is, a war perpetrated upon the West by Islamofacists or Islamic Totalitarianism as reported by Fox News today. Where are the imams denouncing these terrorists? As always, God bless you and God bless America!


Blogger Nilk/Leeianne said...

I have to confess, Beachgirl, I'm with your relative on the cancer comment. The more I read and see, the more cynical I get.

I've just finished reading Bruce Bawer's "While Europe Slept" and it is a scary read.

Living here in Melbournistan where Christian preachers are found guilty of vilification for quoting the quran yet the muslim bookshops can sell books about jihad, it seems that the darkness goes on.

That said, there is always hope, and I've noticed people are waking up around me. The bloke at the petrol station commenting about warmongerers in response to the front page of the paper, for example.

I'm liking your blog - found it via Mike Jericho. I'm also a regular reader of GoV, too.

Thanks for your words on mine. :) Compliments are always accepted with (hopefully) grace.

7:36 AM  

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