Friday, August 11, 2006

UN Resolution - Bullies in School Yard

Well, I'm confused. Just now watching the UN Security Council members giving their speeches having passed their resolution regarding Lebanon. "We will have a cease-fire today." Now, Lebanon is not fighting Israel. Israel is not fighting Lebanon. Israel is being attack by a terrorist militia. Who negotiated with Hezbollah? Several nations - the majority it seems - say we need a political solution and we (the world) must proceed with a solution to the violence imposed upon the Palestinians and the Lebanese by Israel. The emphasis is on attacking Israel verbally and most politely. Yet, I watch and thank God that we did not have the UN passing resolutions during WWII suggesting that the world negotiate with the Nazis. [The Third Reich was stopped by absolute force - period.] My confusion! Let me see. Israel gave the Palestinians all of Gaza. Israel pulled out of southern Lebanon six years ago. What happened? Not counting the homicide murderers entering Israeli coffee shops and blowing themselves up and killing innocents, Hamas started lobbing missiles or rockets into Israel in the south and captured an Israeli soldier. Hezbollah captured 2-3 Israel soldiers and killed 8 on Israeli soil just a month ago at the Lebanon. The point is there are some bullies in the schoolyard and they are not the Israelis. If the UN had any teeth, their resolution 1559 would have been implemented years ago and this situation would not have occurred. When are we going to send the UN folks packing and turn the UN buildings over to the City of New York? The UN wants to tax American citizens directly; they want to deny us our Second Amendment Rights; and it seems they are intent on denying Israel the right to defend itself. The United States of America needs to join with nations with common goals and objectives, nations who will come to the aid of each other. Watching the UN Security Council tonight, I see our money being squandered and our nation threatened, not overtly but with subtle words and gestures and nuance. But then perhaps the money goes to the philosophy of Sun Tsu (?), keep your friends close but your enemies closer??? God bless you and God bless America!


Blogger John said...

Hey Beach Girl,another great post and yes I too wish we could do something to be clear of the UN. It sounds like Israel is not going to listen, from what I heard earleir it sounds like the ground war is on... good for them!!

1:06 AM  
Blogger B29 said...

Congrats on your new Site Meter!
Way to go!

10:54 AM  

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