Friday, October 06, 2006

A Western Woman's Call for Help

Have you ever been driven to just say something and get it over with? Well, today I call upon Western Men - ideologically Western Men - to care for your women, your culture, your homes, and the future of your children. I know you do but the times call for action. I include Japan and other Pacific nations who have embraced freedom. This is a call of ideology. I ask you to visit Gates of Vienna and scroll to several posts by the Baron and Dymphna, and Fjordman. A new, new day is dawning and we all need to be a part of it. The posts are: The Emperor is naked; Suggestions for Solutions: A Preliminary Draft; and The War Against... What? The flu or something like has "got a hold on me" and perhaps that feverish state is what drives me to speak now. Perhaps these will be the rantings of a flu-bunny. Regardless, I rise to implore you to rise from your bed of lethargy and take to the halls of Congress in whatever manner is most suitable to you and defend your heritage, your way of life. In so far as you can, rise to help Europe meet the challenge of the certain death they have brought within their lands. How? By eroding their borders, by opening themselves to invasion. In America, our government has aided and abetted the invaders; in Europe, you have voted for the knife to be put to your throat. But it is not too late, is it? Some pundits say that Europe is doomed and can rise no more. I will not accept that analysis. It is too cold and hard and does not take into account the strength of spirit that was found in the Resistance all throughout Europe in past wars. Will it be Denmark that wields the sword in defense of its liberties and calls upon us to follow? In Italy, in Europe, I call upon the men to rise up as Oriana Fallaci pleaded with you. In The Rage and the Passion when I read her words of muslim men "pissing" on your marble statues and deficating on your walk-ways, my heart cried, "Have we become so decadent we can no longer hold our heads up but have fallen so low, become so demoralized that we wait like sheep for the sword?" My friend, Felix (Taking Sides), commented something like, "Name the enemy; name the war." Well, the enemy appears to be two-fold. I would submit that the enemy is one and that is socialism/totalitarianism. They come to us in two forms: through the arrogance of our liberal elite and through the arrogant elitism of the islamic clerics. In truth, there is no reasoning with either of them. As you know well, when you try to engage them in conversation, their first, middle, and last line of defense is to call you names: racist, bigot, islamophobe. Admittedly, name-calling is easier for them and it shuts down the conversation and requires no further "thought" on their part. Just memorize a few names and the discussion ends. Simple. Some of us call the far-left the useful idiots and apologists for the Islamists. I say the far-left just likes the idea of running around in robes and dirty night-shirts as they did in the 1960's - their golden days of irresponsibility. But "useful" idiots. Not on you life. They are using the Islamists as much as the Jihadists are using them. Problem is the far-left "just wants" to get along and thinks they can talk their way out of the sword like they talked their mommy and daddy out of the keys to the car. Won't work this time. So to my point... I thank God that the blogosphere never sleeps. The Judeo-Christian God exhorts us to help ourselves out of the messes we put ourselves into. Europe needs a swift kick in the pants. And the United States is not far behind in needing that kick in the butt. We need a Crusade for Reformation in the West, against Sharia Law and for pulling ourselves up out of the mire of degredation, the insanity of moral equivalency, the over-running of our borders. I am going to continue to plead with Western men to rise up. I beg you to be the men I know you are. Your women cannot win this war when Islam subjugates women in shrouds. Throw off the chains of the feminists and stand to protect us if you love us (we western women). Feminism is a sham. It is yet another ploy to develop "group think" as opposed to individual liberties, et al. It is the attempt of the liberal socialists to carve out another "special interest" group as they have so heinously done to blacks in America. Shame on them and may they - the liberal elite - be damned to eternity. I hate them for what they have done to our black youth. Taken their joy and made them victims. For this I am called "racist". Some seem to hold a mis-understanding about egalitarianism and the Constitution of the United States of America. Our constitution says in effect all men.. are endowed by their creator with rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.... There is nothing there and there never has been that all men are promised an equality of outcome. The latter is straight from Marx-Lenin doctrine - it is socialism which leads to decay and rot of the Soul. Islamic Imperialism/the Caliphate which would have me and hundreds of like-minded bloggers beheaded simply for our words and the Socialism of the elite are part and parcel of the same tune - "We know better how to have you live your life. In both cases, you will bow down to the god we force upon you." And from them both grows the rot of the Soul. The Soul dies when it is given two fish a day and must return to the massa for the next day's fish. But, when the Soul is taught to fish... Ah, then we have life, joy, and we see the spark of the Divine in the twinkling eyes of a child.... The Soul longs to be free; to spread its wings, to reach the heights. That is the Soul for which we must all raise our voices and fight.


Blogger Frank said...

First visit here, from GoV. Excellent post. If I can help with 910, let me know. Scott

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an inspiring rant, Conservative Beach Girl! Where do I sign up for your crusade and whom will we attack first: the elitist aslamic clerics or the elitist (not elite) liberals.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This needs to get posted on every single board. Sadly, our government isn't aware of the dangers ahead.

We're in for the fight of our very lives here. We are ten times more in danger than ever before.

1:13 PM  
Blogger KG said...

A fine post, and it's great to see some kindred spirits here.
Let's bring the enemy to battle and destroy him, as our forefathers did and as we must do yet again.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice. Tasty. Came here from Porretto, and his reccomends are always good, this is incredible.

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Normally this would inspire me to write the opposite piece, "A Western Man's Call for Help" because I feel, in a way, that women of the west need to do something similar, by standing up and reaching out to every single muslim female and letting them know that they are oppressed and overpowered by not only an intolerant relgion but by weak, frustrated men that can be easily overcome.

And that could be the ticket - brainwash all muslim women into reality. Muslim men do not do well if their wives are adversely affected.

This could be a simple operation, walk up to any muslim female and just come out with it and tell her that you "feel pity for her and that she should wake up and become a free woman."

1:56 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Gentlemen, always a pleasure. Steve, good point. I shall pass on to sisters in arms with our Western men. Sounds like a good plan actually.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Westerners, and I do not mean "ideologically Western" as you do, I mean actual Euro-Westerners, we try hard not to offend any other non-Euro-Westerners. Be they from Muslim nations, Africans, or from the Far East. This is good and this is a part of our Euro-Western culture. We consider this a polite way to treat other people. To make them feel more comfortable among us. Unfortunately, our kindness is often taken for weakness and we are abused for it.

I started reading your article "A Western Woman's Call for Help" with the greatest interest -- FINALLY, a woman who understands it! Alas, I see that even most conservatives, such as yourself, remain hopelessly brainwashed with the PC dogma foisted upon us by our educational system, media, and government.

When you say you call upon "ideologically Western Men" and then feel the need to still further emphasize with "This is a call of ideology," you betray your own political correctness and/or unwillingness to accept the truth as it is. You want to make sure that those who are not Euro-Westerners feel "included." And this is a part of the very Leftist mentality you claim to be against.

We will never preserve ourselves as a distinct people and culture when we are unwilling to face the truths about ourselves and others. As Euro-Westerners, and by that I mean white people of European descent, we are distinct from all other people. We are unique. We are not the same. Globally, we are the minority, being the fewest in number. Yet, our people have done more to relieve the world's suffering, advanced civilization, provided advanced technology and medicine, and treat our women far better than any other race of people on the planet.

The car you drive, airplanes, telephones, electricity, television and radio, the computer you are now using, civil government, Capitalism, and on and on, were all developed by the Euro-Western male. Not Muslims, Mexicans, or Africans. There is a reason why they are trying desperately to get into our countries by the millions and not the other way around. They want and enjoy our prosperity, technology, social welfare systems, affirmative action, education systems and form of government. Things they themselves were not able to build for themselves. They flood into our countries and rely upon us and our way of life to survive. How many Westerners are breaking their necks to get into Iran, Mexico, or Africa?

The feminists, Leftists, and cultural Marxists with their "we are all the same and everyone is equal" mantras, so thoroughly entrenched in our media, educational system, and government have succeeded in feminizing the Western male. He is now weak and soft, no longer willing to assume his rightful leadership position in the very nations he has built. Now couple this sickening cultural condition with corporate greed for cheap labor, which lures in foreigners by the millions, and you arrive at our current condition. Socially-accepted and government-enforced multiculturalism.

The role of the traditional Western male, who for thousands of years felt the need and had the desire to protect and provide for the Western female and the children they produced together, has been systematically reduced to nothing more than a misogynist, patriarchal racist who must be destroyed. The coupling of the Western male and his natural mate -- the Western female, producing the Isaac Newtons, Einsteins, and Mozarts as well as Western society and culture will now be a thing of the past.

The sickening thing about this is that the Western female is actually helping with his demise by joining those who have an interest in seeing him lose his leadership position in the West. These women, along with groups such as the NAACP, CAIR, NOW, et al, are doing this even though it will lead to their own destruction along with his. They do not seem to realize that they rely upon him, his technology, his legal system, his culture and government, for their way of life. Voting poll after poll show that a majority of Western women, especially single women, support illegal alien amnesty, affirmative action, and the social welfare system. These women belong to the same "we are all equal and everyone is the same" crowd who do not see the danger of multiculturalism. They refuse to see that all men are not the same. The point is however, that you will be subject to men, whether Muslim or not. The question is which men will that be?

In any event, here is a woman, Elizabeth Wright, who does get it. And oh, by the way, she is Black:

The only thing that will change the current destruction of the West is some unforeseen catastrophic event capable of reawakening the Western male. Until he is willing to reassume his rightful leadership role in the very nations he has built from a masculine perspective, rather than a feminine one, the West will continue to decline and will eventually be ruled by non-Western men. However, the Western female could make a very significant impact on the direction of things by inspiring their men as you have attempted to do here in your article. There is still something in most Euro-Western men that causes them to heed her call even if it be more faint today than it used to be.

4:06 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Anon - thank you for the very good response here. For the other one, please watch the language. I am not in anyway as you describe those women. I do revere the Western man and what he has done and is doing. I want him to understand that he simply does not have to bow down to anyone, that PC is censorship inflicted upon him. He accepts it at his peril.

We need to be able to have discussions with each other of the things that matter. I appreciate your perspective but do not paint me with the vile brush of the comment I did not publish. Be civil to me or leave me alone.

In any event, I will continue to applaud Western Man. He does not hide behind the facade of religion, he does not hide behind the skirts of women and the toys of children. He has spilled his blood countless times for those who do not appreciate his suffering. And yet he suffers in silence. I ask him to stand up and say, "Look, things are going to change. Now."

He cannot open his lands to any and all because those who come to tear him and his down will have nothing but the poverty and corruption they left behind. So, I do the best I can in whatever means I can to tell Western man that I need him and look to him. I admit that I cannot do these things on my own. We are to strengthen each other, not tear each other down.

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muslim female spotted today at I walked past her, I muttered the word oppressed.

11:40 PM  
Blogger KG said...

".. Alas, I see that even most conservatives, such as yourself, remain hopelessly brainwashed with the PC dogma foisted upon us by our educational system, media, and government."
Not just patronising--demonstrably inaccurate as well.

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please accept my most humble appologies Beach Girl for misjudging you. I must admit my frustration at watching the wicked state of current affairs while so many good women remain silent.

You are different. You do care. And know this: Anything the Western male has ever achieved would not have been possible without the Western female. They need each other. He is nothing without her.

Forgive me for assuming wrongly of you. You can and are making a difference...

2:03 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Love you, KG - like your work.

Anonymouse - you were a hair's width of getting kicked off forever. So, please follow KG's advice.

Steve, good on ya, Western man.

Still under the weather, so not up to par. Will be back on when flu leaves.

God bless you.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Lionheart said...

God hears the cry of your heart Beach girl.

Keep speaking to the world from your heart.

God bless


Please take a read of my blog and specifically this article:-

9:14 AM  
Blogger Freedom's Voice said...

What a thoughtful, well written excellent post! I am putting the link on my blog The discussion following is great as well. This is exactly the type of dialog we must have to effect positive change. I will be returning to your site often and I invite you to visit mine as well.

9:28 AM  

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