Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fate of USA in the balance

Just had word from my Left Coast Operative that the SPP ("treaty" agreement between Mexico, Canada, and United States) is well underway with agencies set up and the work proceeding mightily. Anyone know, was this ratified by our Senate? From curiosity, I ask you, "What is a citizenry to do when the leaders of three nations are summarily voiding the Constitution of the United States and establishing a "parliment" that will supercede our consitutiion?" What does the citizenry of a "free" republic do when a shadow government on the order of the EU is being established without our say so? I keep telling myself, it just isn't true. But then an operative reports in and I have to wonder, God bless you...


Blogger John Eyler said...

Is this the group that's examining the idea of an "Americas" money similar to the Euro? I'd heard about that a few months back.

We've already got the U.N. developing itself into a world government. This all is serious and dangerous business.

9:50 PM  

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