Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ideological Soulmates: Islamists and the Dems

I wanted to explore the topic of the ideological similarities of the Islamists who want to blow us up and the Dems who just seem to want to shut us up. But, upon reflection, that seems a tad harsh on my liberal friends. Although my liberal friends are convinced that I am a radical activist, allow me one concession. I do not think all liberal Democrats are rabidly left as many in the Liberal Left Leadership are. The former are reasonable folks; the latter are a nightmare. Just read the research recently on the differences between the constituencies of the Democrats and the Republicans in the House of Representatives. The former has singles and many on the government dole (a.k.a. beggar based constituency) and the latter have children and families. The former tend to avoid churches and values associated with a religious heritage; the latter will be found in church on Sundays teaching their children about loving one another. While I do believe that there are ideological similarities between the Far-Left and Islamists, I must admit that some tactics are dissimilar. The Dems don't go around screaming for homosexuals in their midst to be beheaded. To wit....
Islamists wish to chop our heads off with rusty swords while at the same time, cloaked in bravery behind their head scarfs, they pose for the cameras.
Islamists abhor homosexuals and kill them. Far-left Dems revere our gay brothers and neighbors and applaud them with three standing-ovations when a particular homosexual, who happens to molest minors, is a Dem. When the child molester is reputedly homosexual in his orientation and, a bonus, is a Republican; oh, mercy, head for the chop block.
Islamists do favor large families and with as many wives as they are allowed to have. The Far-left favors abortions and the "eradication" of as many pre-born babies as possible under the rhetoric of "a woman's right to choose". Birth control also falls under the notion of a woman's right to choose. No?
So a conflict emerges between these star-crossed seekers of power. Ah, the Mullah smiles between thin lips and says, "It is not acceptible this - this how shall I say it - killing of unborn babies who could survive on their own. You are ungod-like to kill god's creations. Have to think about that as The Left pushes abortion-mill operators behind the sceens to hurry the process along - just as long as the babies get "aborted" that's what counts.
Certainly, while the Islamists and Dems look at this culture of death thing differently, the result is still death. The jihadist want to kill themselves as young adults and the abortionists want to get the young mothers to kill their pre-borns as their heads are just peeking out of the birth canal. For the jihadis, it's strap on the belt get a good shot of something and BOOM. For the unborn babies, it's easier. The doc and nurse know where they are: it's just a tug and a pull, get the baby's head at the tip of the birth canal, jam those old scissors into the base of the skull of the baby, smiling only a second ago, and twist, cut the spinal cord, suck the brains from the hollow skull and pray to almighty God to save your sorry soul. Right now, however, is a time for Americans (USA-citizens) to understand that much is afoot and it is very bothersome. And dangerous to our health and well-being as a nation... Murderering our unborn young is a sacrilege and only a change in attitude will save us on this one. Keeping under control, those imams and their followers who want to do lasting harm to our institutions is somewhat easier if we join forces.
Of course, a striking difference between the Islamists and the Dems is the God-thing. Islamists pursue their power and goal of world domination all the while blaming their power lust on Allah. The Dems excuse their power lust on the theory "of equality of results", from each according to his means (read hard work) to each according to his need (read Marxist-Leninist ideology). Either way, the Western World and it's freedoms are duck soup.
Western civilizations do not take well to having to live in dhimini status in their own country but ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Ignoring the problem will assure the ascendency of Islam - right here at home. Become alert! Stand up against it every chance you get!


Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

I've either written about that before in an older article or have blogged about it; will pass it on once I find it.

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