Wednesday, October 04, 2006

France suffering approach-avoidance syndrome in not protecting her citizens against Sharia Law

First - note to friends: I have been remise in updating my "blogs I read list". Will soon... Poor professor Robert Redeker - still moving from house to house with death threats from Islamists, practicing tenets of peace and tolerance toward neighbors. The minister of education stated essentially that 'we must be sensitive of the feelings of others.' You'd think a nation that beheaded its best and brightest in the Horrors and who used the guillotine to inflict such brutality upon noblemen and servants alike would be a bit more "sensitive" to the plight that awaits them if they continue to hide their heads in the sand and preach "egalitarianism". Not to mention moral equivalency or the virtual identicalness of cultures. Holy ...., .... of God, the Saints be with you.... Michelle Malkin's Michelle Malkin: The forbidden op-ed is a must read for anyone remotely interested in the freedom of speech/press/conscious, et al. The following are excerpts from her copy of Robert Redeker's piece that initiated the death threats. Redeker pointed out several "weaknesses" of the West: () and ?marks or italics are mine.
Only the West opens itself to others with the other person coming before ones self (Christian views - treat thy neighbor as thyself) Islam treats Western openness as decadence. These are the qualities that Muslims see as weaknesses: generosity; broadmindedness (fairness, et al); tolerance; gentleness; freedom of women; manners; democratic values. Islam seeks to exploit our weaknesses by means of: useful idiots (read our far-left and islamist apologists; self-righteous consciences of nice feelings - all for the purpose of imposing Koranic order on the Western World itself.
Mr. Redeker went on to discuss some of Mahomet's strengths and weaknesses.
"Islam is a ?religion? that exalts violence and hatred in its everyday rights and sacred book."
Well, guess I'm going to have to breakdown and actually pay good money for the Koran and that other little book of homilies that accompanies it. We've got to start looking at Islam for what it is demonstrating itself to be: a world domination cult that has nothing close to what we see as God-like in it. Certainly not the tenets of Jesus to love thy neighbor, to do good to/for others, etc. For Mr. Redeker, in his estimation, states that the terrorists have won in his case because he is not free to do his job, he has no freedom of movement, and he is in hiding. Dominique de Villepin, the French Prime Minister was comforting in that he said the incident shows "how viligant we must be to ensure people fully respect one another in our society." Tell that to the folks who had 9,000 cars burned last August. Where is a good, old-fashioned Napoleon for France when they need one, at least to help them keep their heads? We - who now have to define ourselves as the Western World - are being pushed to a re-assessment of Islam; we are not being given much choice. And it isn't a pretty sight. I for one am sick of the "we just have to all get alone" crap. Sure, we just have to get along as long as the women wear burkas, are sexually mutilated, and are beaten by their husbands in accordance with the enlightened views of Mahomet. Good gawd a'mighty.


Blogger In Russet Shadows said...

The irony runs as deep and as wide as the Mississippi river -- the feminists promote the left, who in turn promotes the very anti-feminine Muslim, all in hopes of attaining the most transient of all things: power. They buy and sell hordes of illegals like so many slaves, send out preachers of fear as if on some Satanic preaching circuit, and relentlessly agitate until they are the nobility of yesteryear. To the left, no matter their subculture (feminist, anarchist, Tory), freedom is a terror, and a terror twice for it is unpredictable and given to all. Slavery IS freedom, as Orwell wrote in Animal Farm -- and Islam is something they want for us all.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I love your way with words. I enjoy your blog. But for the Left, Islam won't do. There is a god, you know; yet, the Left will bow to Allah and to the sword. Bowing is what they do best when it suits them. They think they can out-craft the imams and they are so very wrong...

6:22 PM  

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