Sunday, October 01, 2006

Teacher violates France's Sharia Law

As Islamists increase war on free speech and the incremental encroachment of Sharia Law in France, a French teacher has been threatened and is now in hiding with his wife. All because of an essay that spoke the truth. The heavy march toward Islamic dominaton moves forward at a steady pace. Even an essay can get you on the Islamic (Religion of Peace) death list. One essay. We need more, thousands more essays speaking the truth of the violence taught in Islam and of Muhammad's teachings (peace be upon him). Surely it is permitted to ask questions about the words in the Koran and their meaning. Perhaps the Islamist apologists among us can creatively defend calls to "kill the infidel" and kill those who speak against the violence taught. This intimidation and this very real threat to our freedom of speech as well as our other freedoms must be ended. By the way, in the case of the French teacher, isn't it illegal to threaten someone's life? To call for the execution of the Pope? Why aren't these people who threaten and call for murder arrested? They are not shy in letting authorities know who they are. That's right, they have freedom of speech. The teacher, Mr. Redeker said, "The Islamists have succeeded in punishing me on French terrority as if I were guilty of a crime of opinion." [I would suggest that arguably France is quickly becoming a de facto Islamic State. The full change over to Islamic Law will be gradual but it is assured with the open borders, the trend for the Muslim migrants to remain in Islamic neighborhoods. The Koran does state that they are not to mx with the infidel. So then, why migrate to France, the home of the really serious hedonistic infidel? Viva la France!] Sharia "Speech" Laws, coming soon to a nation near you. Factions within your own nations (liberal media, the Senate, et al) are restricting selected speech and they are decreasing news outlets. (McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act) All one can do is be alert to the encroachment of Sharia Law. If Islam cannot be approached with reason ad demonstrated by the reactions to the Pope's speech, perhaps humor, satire, and cartoons could bring laughter and ease tensions. The only reason there are "reactions" now from the West is because the West is being pushed and is starting to assert it's right to be. So, let's live our life, love our life, and forget about reasoning with the adloscent bullies in the play ground. Until they see the foolishness of their behavior, there is nothing anyone can do to point it out to them. Hooray for freedom of speech, et al.


Blogger felix said...

Talk about politically incorrect. Check this out. It's called Bobblehead Muhammad:

Apparently the marketer is an ex-marine. So it may not be so easy to get him to withdraw the product.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Ooh rah! I have a USMC bumper sticker on my car. Savest way to travel. How great, a dashboard mohammed. I love that good old ingenuity.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

The dashboard mohammed would be great if you could drop his robes and stick in one of those party favor cigarettes that puff smoke rings. However, I wish success in the marketing of this new product.

1:04 PM  
Anonymous R.J. said...

Beachgirl, how 'bout we tell the Islamowackos that the next time they kill an American, we drop an H bomb on Mohammad's bones? We can all watch as the Sacred Mosque and Mecca vanish in a 'shroom cloud!

Steve, you must be a Dune fan!

5:04 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

RJ, recomneded something of the sort on one of my earlier posts.

9:48 PM  
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10:39 PM  

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