Monday, October 02, 2006

Saving Western Culture - mostly from itself

We read and we write every day about the slow, steady move of Islam into Western Cultures/Civilizations. Several years ago I called into the Michael Savage talk show. My comment was that our tolerance was going to get us all "killed". I don't mean literally but rather our way of life, the erosion of the freedoms we hold dear. If you are a regular visitor, you know that I go bonkers when just thinking about having to go through the searches at the airports. What is the saying, something like, "He who gives up freedom for security will end up having neither." Another thing that drives me nuts is having ALL, I mean ALL, of our credit card and banking information ON-LINE. To call the credit card company and end up speaking to a nice lady in India who needs just one more bit of verification information to access our accounts (thank you Patriot Act so she says) really makes my blood boil. I know we are the "best country on Earth". And the other regimes are even more tyranny-filled. But for goodness sake, the only way to be "under the radar" these days is to pay cash. But even then, as far back as 1999, when checking into a local hotel because I didn't want to be near the fireworks at the beach, I had to show ID just to pay in cash. I know the computer age goes through stages. One is the data gathering stage. I had hopes that we would have ended that stage some years back but it seems that was only a starry-eyed wish. We are still in the data gathering stage - every where. If there is a computer and a person to in-put data, we will be data gathering until the cows come home. Recently, I went to see my doctor. One staff worker was typing her little fingers off. "What are you working on so feverishly," I asked. "I'm typing in all of our patients records." "Why?" I asked. "Oh, it's so exciting. All patient information will be in a national data base so that it can be accessed from anyplace in the country." Swell, I thought to myself. Just swell. How can we maintain what we hold dear in Western Civilization if our privacy which we hold dear is all on the internet, ripe and ready for any hacker or subversive any where? Does the Patriot Act (and information involved) make us personally more vulnerable? Does the erosion of our individual liberty at airports make us more safe or just more adjusted to the routine violation of our persons? I don't know. How can a civilization that has lost the will to protect its heritage, its freedoms, its Christmas songs in school at Christmas time - how can such a civilization that teaches its children that all "cultures" are morally equivalent survive?


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