Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ashtiani: Sharia Law Supports Stoning Mother of Two

In good old Iran, that bastion of freedom for women, especially Muslim women, Ashtiani, a mother of two is set to be stoned to death, Iranian woman facing death by stoning.
Welcome to Sharia Law set to make precedent in a city near you. Now can you equate "stoning women to death" as a right of ones ideology that is called "a religion?"
Murder of any form committed against anyone in America is against the law, excuse me, our secular law BUT it is the law under Sharia.
Sorry, try as you might, you cannot let Islamists get away with "but it's our religion" canard.
Do you know of any other "religion" in America today that engages in "honor killings" of women but does not kill the men who rape the women?
Do you know of any other "religion" in America today that has the ideology and actual belief that its followers must lie and deceive infidels in order to advance their theocracy and overthrow our Constitutional government?
And how can a Muslim swear an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution whether he be in Congress or in the White House?
Sorry folks, you can't separate Islam from Sharia Law because they are one and the same thing. That is not a criticism; that is a fact but under the edicts of Islam it is illegal to state facts...
We helped save Nasanin from execution; can we keep Ashtiani from the same fate?
Wake up, America. Islam beats, oppresses, stones, enslaves women and you want that here under the guise of a "religion" when it is a theocratic ideology.


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