Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Taliban in Pakistan fear and enslave women

What with the end of education for women and girls in Taliban-controlled areas of Pakistan, one could wonder why the brave Taliban men fear women and educated women so much.
It would seem that the hate-filled men of the Taliban fear and hate women for any number of reasons and perhaps more finely tuned to sexual frustration and adolescent immaturity of the Taliban men. They can conquer the women but they can not control their minds except through fear and intimidation. Brave men, eh?
The goal of the Taliban, much like the goal of Islamists such as those befriended by Eric Holder, our attorney general, is to institute Sharia Law which they see as their right.
Well, our right here in America is to disavow and disallow Sharia Law. It is patently in contradiction with the laws of America and our belief of equality under the law. I would also include "freedom of religion" but I question that Islam as practiced by the Islamists is not a religion. Search on the Memeplex of Islam for more information to see what you are up against. Here is a link: The terrifying brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex.
Have a good day and say "NO to the Mosque at Ground Zero!"


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