Monday, July 26, 2010

NO Mosque at Ground Zero: Frank Gaffney, Jr.

From the Center for Security Policy, Frank Gaffney has provided us with a video and a brief history of the established pattern of Islamists to build mosques at the Holy Shrines of religions and cultures they have defeated in memory of their "intolerance": NO Mosque at Ground Zero.
We owe it to ourselves and to the three thousand people murdered at Ground Zero to support the Center for Security Policy and add our voice to the call for "NO Mosque at Ground Zero!"
If you want to become part of what is going on to fight the imposition of Sharia Law upon American soil and the infestation of Sharia Law into the timbers of our legal system, take a look at the Center for Security Policy. At the web site, you can sign-up for e-mail updates and you can read about Obama's planned design to weaken our nation in the face of the ever growing and moving target of the institutionalization of Sharia Law into banking practices and other such matters.
But right now, say NO to a Mosque at Ground Zero!
Here is another video, not associated with the Center for Security Policy, but on the same topic by Pat Condell, a man in Britain: Pat Condell on Ground Zero Mosque.
Watch it and then call or contact your Senators and Representative to say NO to the Mosque at Ground Zero.
Under the current administration, I am surprised that they haven't sold some of the land at the Pentagon to the Islamists so that they can really rub our faces into their successful attack upon America on 9/11.
Remember the memorial to the passengers of Flight 93 in PA? That memorial was to be in the shape of a cresent with trees whose foliage would turn red in the Fall...
Let your fingers do the walking and use your cell phone or your computer to contact your Congressmen and put a stop to the Mosque at Ground Zero. How "in your face" is that?
But looking at it another way, to many Muslims the world over, a huge mosque at Ground Zero could well become an international gathering place to rejoice at Islams success over the infidels. Do you want New York City, at Ground Zero to in its own way become a holy place for the Islamists who are bent on our destruction and while we go the Ground Zero to pay our respects they go there to rejoice...
It is a sick and twisted upside-down world in which we live in which America's political elite seem to have taken leave of their senses and their patriotism.

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