Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Non-taxpaying voters need to pay their share

From Armstrong Williams we have commentary that was stated in a different way by Thomas Sowell about 16 years ago.  I was struck by Sowell's editorial because I had been thinking the same thing for some time.  From Armstrong Williams:  Make non-taxpaying voters pay for vote-buying programs.
In our Founders' day, one could vote, as the saying goes, if "he were free, white, and twenty-one."  Slaves or blacks who were not slaves - many of those by the way - and white women could not vote.  If you recall, black men were given the vote before women who did not receive the right to vote until 1920.  
Our Founders' precept if I understand it correctly was that if one supported the system, the government, through payment of taxes then that person had a right to decide how his money was spent, even if it were money gained through marriage or coming from the little woman.  As an aside, as late as twenty years ago, a married woman living in California could NOT have a safety deposit box in her name alone - her husband's name had to be on the box.  I know of this from personal experience.
But our Founders' point was good in that if it's your tax dollar that is to be spent, you should have a say in how and where it is spent.  As we have progressed down the road toward Socialism, elected folks learned quickly that they could pray on the "poor" by legalizing theft at the ballot box.
Votes are bought with taxpayer dollars through the votes of folks who do not pay into the system.
I could fix part of that by having a 10% or 5% income tax on everyone who works and no deductions, etc.  If you make $300.00 dollars, you pay an income tax of $30.00.  If you earn $30,000,000, you pay $3,000,000.  Everyone who earns anything would have a stake in how their money was spent and everyone would equally share in the expense of government.  I think that would go a long way to raising self-esteem and bringing integrity to the system. 
If you are a Senior and have paid into the system, you'd still pay 5% or 10% on your un-earned income.  As Thomas Sowell sort of implied, if you don't contribute financially to the tax system, you don't vote.  Certainly there are different ways to allow you to vote if for example you have been a stay-at-home mom but your family, through your husband's income, has paid taxes and so forth.
There is something inherently unAmerican to allow folks to vote or to have their votes BOUGHT the through legalized theft of other peoples hard-earned money.
So, you want abortion funded by the federal government, belly-up to the bar and put your money down but don't use tax dollars to do it.  
Americans are naturally generous people.  Churches have charitable programs supported by their congregations.  We are charitable people and we would take care of our own but let's do it through compassion, not legalized theft. 
I have not been able to re-locate Dr. Sowell's editorial but it is a grand piece.
Two friends of mine live in subsidized housing, well only one does now as the other lady is deceased - one lady is black; one lady, now deceased, was white.  Both were thrilled one day because their rent was going down by $10.00 a month.  I said, "Well, that does it.  My taxes will be going up."  They both said, "No, the decrease is coming from the government..."
Now, I don't have a problem with either of these ladies voting and getting support.  One's husband worked in the Merchant Marines and paid taxes for years.  The other lady's husband spent a career at the shipyard.
But in fairness, is it fair for some Americans to vote money that they don't earn out of taxpayer pockets to support the non-earners or can taxpayers make the call on how their money will be spent?  For one, I'd vote for housing for the homeless, many of whom seem to have mental illness.  It is not fair to toss them to the elements.  I'd vote for their care in safe, clean, well-landscaped facilities so that they could be well-fed, clothed, and cared for.  It is a disgrace that some of them are forced to live as they do.  I'm not positive but I think that was done under Reagan with a Democrat Congress.
Politicians should not be able to "buy" votes, period.


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