Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For Some Muslims: "our right to murder Jews" upheld

From Tundra Tabloids:  PMW Senior Fatah MP says international community upholds our right to murder Jews.
Are we living in the 21st Century or in the 7th Century?  My God...
Maybe Mr. Obama can complete the Israeli peace talks with Arafat's successors over tea at the White House.  That's the plan with Officer Crowley, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Obama as they have a chat over beers.  Somehow, me thinks, they are going to double-team Crowley.  Hope he takes a fellow officer along.
But on the Tundra post, how can we not take the threats and mindset of many Muslims seriously.  They know it is their obligation to kill infidels;  it is not a matter of "faith";  it is a matter of "knowing."
Wake up, Americans!  Do not be surprised when Israel defends itself...
To Bebe and the IDF - Do what you have to do.  Many American Christians have your back...


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