Saturday, July 14, 2007

Update of Islam's Twenty-Year Plan targeting America

From Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America, we have "Item 14. Undermine America's sense of security with misinformation of impending attacks on bridges, tunnels, water supplies, airports, apartment buildings and malls." Well, we could be in for a long-hot summer. From Jihad Watch we have, Taliban commander on video: New attack will dwarf failed U.K. attacks. I recommend reading all of the links within the post. Now here's the thing. If ABC news folks can go into terrorist training camps and interview graduates of "suicide bombers are us", why can't we do a little discrete "IED planting" ourselves embedded in the news teams? As an aside, guess who is the sponsor of HR 1592, Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Protection Act of 2007 which is now in the Senate. Yep, you guessed it, Representative John Conyers which falls nicely into the directive of "Item 1. Replace America's freedom of speech with hate crimes bills nation-wide." And guess who sponsored H.Res. 288 condemning bigotry and religious which Christianity and Judaism are mentioned once each and Islam is mentioned 7 times if you include Islamic? That's right, John Conyers. See H. RES. 288. The word "Muslim" is mentioned twice. Christians and Jews not at all as religious folk. Which also supports "Item 4. Nominate Muslim sympathizers to political office." Once they are in public office, keep them there. Can anyone say, "Obama"? HR 1592 supports "Item 7. Protest any time Islam is criticized or the Qur'an is analyzed in the public arena." But hey, Jesus Christ Superstar was a hit. Read the Twenty-Year plan and fill in your own list of actions that advance the goal expresssed. Note that the plan does not say, Twenty-Year Plan: Islamists Target America.

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Anonymous najistani said...

The word is getting through - here's a new slant on the recent RoP spin-doctoring.


"The survey found that young people are the group most likely to see Islam as a violent religion.

Nearly 28 percent of 18-24 year olds believe Islam is fundamentally a religion of war which sits uneasily with modern Western culture compared with 17 percent of the overall population and only 13 percent of those aged 65.

Less than half of all 18-24 year olds (48%) see Islam as a religion of peace, compared with 60 percent or over for every other age group, the poll found.

"The trend that will alarm the Government and community groups most is that young people, who are generally more positive about spirituality, are so much more negative about Islam than the population as a whole," said Woolley."

Is this because young people are more likely to get their news and opinions from the internet than from the MSM?

Keep on Blogging!!!

5:29 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Najistani - the link did not work. Please check - thank you!

8:02 AM  
Anonymous najistani said...

Beach girl,

I'll break the link in two so the end doesn't get truncated. You'll need to cut and paste




There has been a total MSM news blackout in Britain on the gruesome case of Charlene Downes, and very little even in the blogosphere. Maybe some of you right-wing bloggers could change that:





"Britain's heavily controlled Politically Correct mass media continue to ignore one of the most unpleasant cases of suspected racist murder - which probably involved gang rape as well.

14-year-old Charlene Downes (if you haven't heard) is believed by Blackpool police to have been raped, strangled and her body cut up and turned into kebabs and tile grout after her disappearance in November 2003. Two Muslim men - one a former social worker - are on trial for her murder or with assisting in the disposal of her body.

The combination of murder, the appalling likelihood that scores of unwitting customers actually ate Charlene, and the unasked question as to whether this was another case involving the grooming for sex and drugs of a young white girl by a Muslim sex predator gang should have made this killing national front page news.

1:20 PM  

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