Monday, July 27, 2009

Pat Condell: spot on the burqa?

From the Gates of Vienna, I recommend:  The Cultural Treachery of the Liberal Left.
I specifically recommend that you read the comments except perhaps for mine.  Heavy-hitters comment at The Gates and I am not one of those.  Those folks know their stuff when it comes to discussing all things Islam...
Many people confuse the burqa as a part of Islam.  It is not and a commenter at The Gates, Solkhar, has stated the evolution of the burqa in clear terms.  For your edification and mine: 
"It is a cultral-tribal Arab thing, nothing Islamic about it and is an icon of tribal-sexism in the Arab world. Of course the Arab radical extremists will insist because it was in their culture that it is Islamic and simply it is not in a verse of the Qur'an and it comes out only in the third-generation books. In fact Mohammed insisted in trying to take way sexism and oppression out of the Muslim community and it failed after the first generation of his followers died after him. French President Sarkozy was absolutely correct when he said that the Burqa is something that should be banned as it is not Islamic, it is an instrument of suppression."
There is one more thing that Sarkozy mentioned as well:  the Islamisation of Europe is inevitable..."  Happy thought.  I wonder what happens to Notre Dame and the statues, etc. when Islam's takeover is complete.


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