Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Obama: Miranda Rights for Islamist terrorist combatants?

It is not possible that what I have just heard on Fox News is true as reported by a good reporter - Harrison Fox - as I recall, I could be wrong about her name. If true, it demonstrates  naivete in the extreme in our new President Obama.  Or does it?
I heard that Obama has just ordered that FBI agents must read Miranda Rights to terrorist enemies picked up on the battle field. Can this be true? That Islamic terrorists at war against our military, killing our soldiers with IEDs and other means, actively working to attack us on American soil are 'criminals' and not enemy combatants subject to military courts but subject to our criminal courts.  And entitled to our Constitutional protections? Has this current administration lost its collective mind? Reading Miranda Rights on the battle field to terrorists 'soldiers' fighting our soldiers?  What?  Because Al Qaeda is supported by many nations and does not wear the uniform of any one given nation?  It wears the 'uniform' of radical fundamentalist Islamists sworn to kill us and destroy America and the West.
If true, with orders such as those of our "Blame America First" president, Islamists terrorists are well on their way to victory.
Miranda Rights - good gawd a'mighty!  It seems that everyone in the world is protected by the shredded U.S. Constitution of the United States except Americans.
Miranda Rights to enemies on the battle field.  If he's alive, Osama bin Laden has to be laughing himself silly.
This just can't be true;  not even for Obama... but wait!  Gasp!  It is true!
From Mike's Blog: Remaking the Constitution. And also Law and Disorder from "Biden's Bunker: The truth is down there."
FBI agents, not soldiers, have been ordered to read Miranda Rights to combatants caught in Afghanistan.  Sounds like the CIA and our military intelligence boys and girls are caught in the middle of an Obama Administration Cluster-Fox trot...  My, my... 
Enemy combatants have no better friend than they have found in our White House or so it appears.  Israel, you'd best be watching these nuances from the speech in Cairo to this insanity. 
Is Obama fighting for the hearts and minds of the Islamists and using Psychology 101 to replace Osama as their, you know, "titular" leader?  Of course not, just their 'community organizing' protector perhaps?
Or maybe it is no more complex that what Michael Savage has said for such a long time that"Liberalism IS a mental disorder."
You can search further with Daily Telegraph Miranda Rights in Afghanistan or go to .


Blogger Amanda said...

It is indeed very interesting to hear what the President of United States have to say about muslims. Quoting from the Quran for emphasis, President Barack Obama called for a "new beginning between the United States and Muslims". This is truly a new page upon which history is being written. His words will mean a lot, but it's the policies that count. Hope for the best.

my site

3:46 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Amanda, I have waited to respond to your comment because to me Obama's call for a new beginning between the United States and Muslims sounds like him saying "we need a new beginning between the United States and Baptists. Are Muslims or people who follow Islam an ethnicity. No. There are countries who have the Koran as their governing document so no freedom or democratic republics there. Muslims are Americans, even Islamic terrorists can be American citizens as well as followers of Islam or some Islamic teachings it seems. But Muslims are not a "race", an ethnic group; they are people who follow Islam if it is a religious ideology. I tend to think it is a political ideology rather than a "religious" ideology but that is only based on what I witness. We can't have it both or all ways.I'm not certain how one starts a "new beginning" when over 3,000 citizens were slaughtered by radical jihadists. Not everyone who practices Islam is a jihadist but we can't have Islamic fathers shooting their daughters who are American citizens who just happen to fall in love with cowboys as happened in Dallas.

We don't need a "new beginning between the United States and Muslims. I don't think the United States has a problem with Muslims. I don't. I just have a problem with anyone who wants to kill any and all of us because we are Americans. Forgive me, but his words mean nothing. They are written on rice paper that dissolves in the mouth.We must work for the best by opening our hearts to each other. Many politicians cannot be trusted especially when their lips are moving.

Take care and come back again. And don't be concerned about his policies. Read about Neville Chamberlain and his policies with Hitler - appeasement. Don't expect protection from our Supreme Leader, he won't even protect or close our borders. He would rather illegals seeking a different life nearly die in the heat and the sands of Sonora. We cannot rely on hope. We must rely on ourselves as Americans and we must work with God as there is only one and here I don't put a name to Him. If you are a devout Muslim and I am a practicing Christian, we both know there is One God; as surely as we know the same moon shines upon you and upon me.

Thank you for stopping by. I was furious that he had the nerve to go to the Middle East and presume to speak to all Muslims. Who does he think lives in Indonesia? Take care...

2:59 PM  

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