Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brits protest hate-preachers of Islam

Just when I was beginning to think that England was about ready to capitulate and bend its neck before the sword of Islamists with Queen and Prince Charles bending to the ground on their weak and ineffectual knees, Jewish Odysseus brings us this:  Videos of Anti-Jihad Protest in Luton - Is this the UK's new "Shot at the Concord Bridge?".
One of the signs of most of the clean-cut, open-faced protesters read "Stop hate preachers!"  That sign pertained to the imams in London and other places who have preached hatred for England and have promised that Islam will dominate and control England soon.  Unless the Bobbies and the native-Brits get together, the imams will be right.
I have written before that England needs her Good Queen Bess, Queen Elizabeth I, because a more ineffectual bit of 'royalty' could not be found as is found in England today letting her people who fought in WWII, who sustained the bombings of Hitler, who set the example for law which has led the way for variations of common law throughout the Western World.  That England is no more as the Parliament bends its knees and the leaders put their heads on satin pillows the more easily to be beheaded figuratively speaking but castrated none the less.
Britain's leaders have gone mad in their desire to accommodate the radical Islamists who will be their downfall and who will take over Britain.  Think it won't happen?  If you wanted to visit Britain, that time may have passed you by.  It is my understanding that there are towns now that one need not even enter if one is an infidel.  Can you imagine that in England?  
Is Denmark even in better shape?  The Danes are fighting for their culture.  
And the United States of America - we'll see the accommodations that will be made to Islamists as we move to a Supreme Court with the confirmation of our first judge who believes that judges "make" laws and one who has "empathy", code for anti-white bias.
Yes, we'll have to see...but England.  The land of the Magna Carta and here, The Great Charter of Freedoms;  the land of William Wallace of Scotland;  the land of Winston Churchill - that land is long in the past.  Can England be 'saved' for the West;  will England remain America's friend?  Not when it becomes the Islamic Republic of England.  Is that in the offing?  


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