Thursday, May 21, 2009

Roland Garros - The French Open begins May 24

Here is the official site for the Roland-Garros French Open which begins May 24 through June 7 if I have the dates right.
Aside from being really thrilled that Federer won the Madrid Open and should have his confidence "back in order" working better than a Swiss time piece with bringing "his" game to his challengers - I'm ready for a great week of pro-tennis.
Of course, I'll be watching Federer and Nadal, but I think it's time to watch Fernando Verdasco, Juan Martin del Potro (what a hotty).  I've always liked Nikolay Davydenko.  One thing I have been doing is trying to watch the early matches so that I can see who played whom to get into the quarter-finals.
A couple other players that I like to watch are Wawrinka - wow, can he put the pressure on when he wants to do it.  Of course, Andy Roddick is always tough to beat and Murray may be out for first blood in Paris.  But I also like Gael Monfils, Gilles Simon, and James Blake.  I like Foginni too but he doesn't always get control of his responses;  he gives too much away.
The Spaniards have depth no doubt about it;  the French have their drivers;  but Argentine - not that's a place to watch.
I have not left out Novak or Andy (Murray) but it seems they are getting somewhat predictable.  I know you use your strengths but like Nadal who is a natural right-handed man, he learned to play with his left hand as the dominate hand thus you are forced to strengthen your "weaknesses."
But Novak has a tell and everyone knows it.  He bounces the ball too much at the line when he is serving.  Anyone remember the days when he'd bounce it 30 times?  What that said was here's someone who is unsure and nervous.  He's starting to do it again.
Watching the pro-tours is not unlike watching the cowboys in the rodeo circuits.  Within a group of players, I don't know if it is the top 50 or top 30, but it seems that any or nearly any player can win against any other player.  
The difference seems to be the winner is the one who adapts his game to fastest, takes his game to the court and plays the game he wants to play, works the net WELL/GOOD, and modifies his game, changes the pace and changes up the game when he needs to like the quickest spin of a dime.
Roland-Garros will be great.  Good playing to all the contestants - slippin' and slidin' on that clay.   It's the closest we as fans get to seeing them having fun;  the kind of fun they had when they were little boys just like sliding in to third base...

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