Monday, May 25, 2009

Netanyahu: The man for Israel's time!

The nukes are heating up in North Korea and in Iran.  And Netanyahu of Israel has only one thing to do:  DEFEND Israel and defy the strangle hold of the United States that would lead to the deaths of thousands of Israelis and Arabs living in Israel.  From a Reuters News Alert (H/T Matt Drudge), we have:  Netanyahu defies Obama on Israeli settlement freeze.
No one is listening to our so-called (by some) "young boy" president these days.  Perhaps they should but the fact is they are not.  Everything seems to be running amok and well it should.  North Korea smells weakness.  Al Qaeda knows weakness when they see it.  Palestinians are screaming but then they always do.  Their former 'lord and master' Arafat refused to allow the Israelis to bring running water to 'his' people.  
The Taliban smells blood in the water with Masharif gone from power in Pakistan so they know there is weakness there and Pakistan may be theirs for the taking.
One woman's opinion but Netanyahu has no friend in the White House and he would be foolish to think that he did.  In the best sense, to me, Netanyahu is the Winston Churchill of his time in Israel.  He has been in political leadership twice, as I recall - could be wrong - but I'm for the IDF and for the people of Israel - the Israelis and the peaceful Arabs who stand to come under fire from Iran.  
Of course, Mad Jad is supposedly up against a rival in the coming elections who may well beat him.  The general who is opposing him is billed as being more militant toward Israel so the Israelis must act to protect themselves.
The United States administrations over the past 20 years have proved that they will not defend the United States people from invasion of our homeland from people coming in across our Southern border from at least 26 or more different nations.  So, Netanyahu should give our suggestions no credibility at all.  He must only look at us and think, "You don't defend your own people;  don't tell Israel what to do when we face the threat of armed missile attacks, maybe even nuclear.  You hypocrites!" 
Drudge is filled with links so click over there and have a look if you can stand it.
Have a blessed Memorial Day as we in the United States honor our men and women who have given the highest sacrifice for our freedoms and safety - those very freedoms that some within our own nation would strip from us.
God bless the families of those who have given their lives for us.  Thank you.  We honor and respect your loss.


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