Monday, May 25, 2009

Oriana Fallaci: I spit on them!

Today is Memorial Day in the United States of America.  For some reason I have been thinking of Oriana Fallaci over the past several days or so.  I have been thinking of her and how "American" she was in her love for this nation and for our freedoms;  for the ideals for which we stand.
Unlike many of the men and women who are elected to positions of power in our Halls of Congress and in the White House, Oriana Fallaci has 'balls.'  Brass ones.
Also, unlike many of our elected folks at the federal level, Oriana Fallaci knew the enemy.  She would have laughed in the face of appointed defender of the homeland, Janet Napolitano with her inane "man-made disaster" euphemism for Islamic terrorist attacks - the insanity of 'political correctness' on full display.  
And that is to make Al Qaeda operatives quake in their dirty nightshirts?  Good grief!  And Gitmo is probably a recruitment tool.  "Get yourself captured and stuck in Gitmo.  You get good meals, clean clothes, all the Korans you can use - reading is optional; and then you might get to the US into an American prison where YOU can be a recruiter for Al Qaeda right there in the USA.  How cool is that?  And you'll get to learn English too!  Whoo hoo!  And then the fools will let you go since NO ONE else in the world will have you.  Those American leaders have 'stupid' across their foreheads.  So get caught and get into Gitmo!"
And barring that, Al Qaeda will let the imams recruit terrorist operatives from easily manipulated prisoners who just want to belong to a team and treason is no big deal to them 'cause everyone knows they're not guilty...
We have got to be seen as the biggest fools in the world by other nations.  At least Netanyahu has our number...just a little rant for the "blame America firsters" detractors.
To all of the men and women in our services, clandestine services, and more, such as Oriana Fallaci who stood up to the face of evil;  who stood and spit in the face of evil - on this our Memorial Day, thank you for being brave and for setting the example and for never forgetting the face of the enemy.  And through your writing, never letting us forget them, so that perhaps, in your memory, we still have brave men and women who say, "I spit on them."
For those of you too humbled to stand and that is easy after reading her words, Oriana Fallaci wrote those words when writing about the bombing by Islamic terrorists of the World Trade Towers in New York City which occurred close to where she lived when up to the last two weeks or so of her life, she was allowed to fly back to Florence, Itay to a private clinic where she passed away after a fight against cancer to be buried in her beloved Florence.
She was offered American citizenship after she became a fugitive in her native Italy for speaking the truth.  She graciously turned down the offer because she said while she loved America, her heart belonged to Italy.  
But she knew America well.  Read her work.  Her words will make you cry and make your proud of your nation that a woman who loved freedom so much and had fought side by side with her father in the Italian resistance during WWII could capture the spirit of our nation so well.
God bless her...and God bless those of you in Florence who can visit her and pay honor to her memory. 


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