Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama's Supreme Court pick!

Whoo hoo!  Obama has chosen a female racist for his first pick for the Supreme Court who states that law is made by the court.  Yes, anyone need a bit of a refresher course of the role of the Supreme Court in accordance with the U.S. Constitution?  
Ah, it is so refreshing, like the Islamists who tell us they are going to kill us, the far-left liberals who are filled with empathy have no problem telling us they are racists and sexists too.  Goody - no equality before the law - just look to the international courts and let American laws be judged by international law in violation of their oath of office.  But it has been a very long time that an oath of office has stood in the way of a legislature or member of the executive doing his or her job.  Obama makes pick on gender and race and selects a self-proclaimed racist and sexist.
Yes, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, we've come a long way from your ideal.  Now racism and sexism is heralded as long as it is practiced by the right racists and sexists.
Of course, Miguel Estrada didn't have much of a chance getting on the court President Bush nominated him for because he was up against those non-racist "looting lizard" Dems in the Senate.  Mr. Estrada happens to be "Hispanic", a self-made man, but he was backed by the "wrong" side, a conservative, and Mr. Estrada just might have followed the U.S. Constitution.


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