Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama cars will kill more Americans on highways

If it isn't that we don't have enough fatalities on our highways just from the 12,000 Americans killed every year by drunk-driving illegal aliens from Mexico - fine by Geraldo Rivera because as he says, "It's a cultural thing" - now we may soon have new standards set for American cars and trucks.   And I predict that these new standards will result in:
  • more vehicular deaths of Americans on our highways;
  • cars Americans do NOT want to drive;
  • higher costs for moving cargo along our highways in mini-trucks; 
  • more SOCIALISM (federal government control over your life); and
  • the final DEATH of the American home-based automobile industry.
  • PLUS:  higher taxes on gas because we will hypothetically be using less gas.
 One of my cars is a 1998 Honda Accord, top of the line in 1998.  On the open highway, that baby gets 42 miles to the gallon and uses regular gas.  Why in Heaven's name would I want to buy 1/2 of a car? 
From Tom Krisher, we have this article:  Obama's rules will transform US auto fleet.  In it Krisher states:  "That means cars and trucks on American roads will have to become smaller, lighter and more efficient."  
What Krisher neglects to mention - because he probably wants to keep his job - is that the cars will be less safe - by a long shot.  From USA Today, we have this to back me up on the safety concern.
Americans will be forced to drive scooters and little mini-cooper-like roller-skate cars that might be fine for New York or Paris but death traps on our interstate highway system/network.
If the federal government will leave our private sector alone, they'll make the cars we want and they'll make money too.  
It is becoming more clear that the goal of this administration, following fast on the heels of the previous three administrations - and who can forget the boost Jimmy Carter gave us with inflation and long gas lines at the pump - is now slipping the noose around American ingenuity.  Our death throes may be grueling but Socialist and Marxist dictators have never worried about that in their countries.
Oh, for car restorers, wait until Cuba is opened up again.  You'll be able to get all the 56 Chevys you want;  you just won't be able to have them in America.
Can State legislatures do what they are doing with gun laws when it comes to cars?  Refuse to enforce federal laws on cars made in their state?  
If we can have "sanctuary cities" such as Virginia Beach and San Francisco where federal immigration laws are not enforced, why can't we have States Rights where States and their citizens have sovereignty?  To say the federal government may be over-reaching a tad is an understatement.  And no, they have no right to force mandated requirements on the States and then leaving the States holding the financial bag.  Shame on them.   
Has our Federal Government leviathan become the King George III of our times?
Dust off your copy of the U.S. Constitution and see exactly what the limited powers of the Federal Government are.  High on the list is to protect us from foreign invasion.  How're they doing on that one?  Ask insane California that is bankrupt specifically because of the entire range of benefits it gives to illegal aliens.  And we are supposed to bail out California?  I say, send the bill to Mexico's Calderon.  He looks like a nice fellow.
Cars are just one issue;  another is SOCIALIZED medicine where health care will be 'rationed.'  Do you want to see a loved one die a slow death because he or she is deemed out of the 'acceptable' range for certain medical procedures?  Check on Denmark.  
The word for "managed health care" is euthanasia.  
Do you want a low-level bureaucrat following a check-list and deciding what medical procedures you will be allowed to receive?
First they came for our cars....  you know the rest.

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