Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CIA and interrogation techniques

It is very curious and perhaps harmful or dangerous when any American president releases documents such as the recently released "narrowly selected" CIA internal directives out into the world. Has our safety been put in jeopardy by such an act? Is the release of such documents really about "torture" and "enhanced interrogation techniques", or is such a release designed to weaken the morale of our men and women throughout all of our clandestine services? And to weaken us before our enemies? At the very least such a release may raise suspicions that an "intellectually challenged" syndrome may be in play. Or is the release just designed to have us verbally warring with each other while the government addresses other matters? Difficult to tell what is behind decisions made in the Halls of Power. With regard to "torture techniques", those used on Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl, resulting in their beheadings, are murder and in the jargon of the day, "extremely enhanced." The extra psychological torture/warfare that was imposed upon the families of these two men and ultimately upon many Americans who watched the beheading of Nick Berg and other captives of Al Qaeda demonstrated that America has been thrust into a brutal "war" by ruthless, vile barbarians who staged Nick Berg's murder for the very purpose of intimidating us. No doubt we took enemy combatants from the battle field because we believed we could get information from them about other planned attacks and about Al Qaeda cells and leaders. Otherwise, why take them? Our "American jihadist" killed a CIA agent, I believe, in a general holding place for "enemy combatants." No interrogations involved there. President Obama spoke yesterday about Al Qaeda not being "constrained" by a Constitution as we are. Interesting perspective of our Constitution being a "constraint" and by that logic, so are the Accords of the Geneva Convention - "constraints" or rules that Al Qaeda is not "constrained" by because they do not fall under those conventions; they are not a nation-state and they are not signatories, hence "enemy combatants." Personally, I believe Al Qaeda are surrogates for nation-states who have to much money "to be made" from us and who could not take us on militarily, so the terrorists are sent in. Al Qaeda is not constrained by anything, hence the greater danger...and they mock our attempts at civility. Three Islamist meals a day cooked and prepared then flown in to Gitmo to meet the demands of the terrorists. Some pretty good propaganda techniques pulled that off. Americans do not support torture; however, Americans, when the lives of our families and friends are in imminent jeopardy, have to rely on you who are the professionals with the training about extracting information from "high value" targets. You have been successful and you have kept us safe. You have to make decisions based upon the information you have. We have to trust that you will act in accordance with your training, your "rules of engagement", the law, and your devotion to our nation and its security. As one small voice, I want to thank the men and women of our clandestine services and the men and women who work to gather intelligence to keep us safe whether that intelligence is gathered through interrogations or whether it is gathered by other means. Thank you for your service and a "thank you" to your families who sacrifice when you are called away in the defense of our nation and her people.


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