Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Save innocent Delara Darabi from execution in Iran

Today or in the next few days a young woman in Iran, Delara Darabi, is set to be publically executed by being hanged from a crane: Save Delara Darabi. She is innocent. The "rule" in Iran is that children under the age of 18 are not executed. The facts do not seem to support the rule. According to the information, a friend of Delara did commit the murder but because he was 19, he was assured of death by hanging, publicly hanging from a crane after possibly being flogged. Delara was 17 at the time and incorrectly said she had committed the crime to save her friend. She was 17 after all and would escape the death penalty. Not so... Iran seems to have some strange perspectives about who the guilty are. If you remember, Nazanin, back in January 2007, was facing execution for killing a man who was seriously trying to rape her. In Iran, she was facing death for defending herself and her female cousin in public against sexual assault from several men. The world rallied behind her and thousands wrote letters and signed petitions to save Nazanin from execution. She did kill her attacker but she was defending herself from being raped. In most civilized societies, raped women or women who survive attempted rape are not killed for defending themselves. I'm not positive, but I believe a woman in Islamic Republics who is raped can also be imprisoned or worse, killed by her family for "dishonoring" the family - remember again, she would be the rape victim. If you feel the calling to try to help this young woman, an artist whose early work resembled the work of Monet, please read here, view the video (not for children), and if you are so inclined, sign the petition (using your internet name if necessary) to save Delara Darabi's life. She is innocent. The young man in question who did commit the murder has been found guilty and sentenced to 10 years but Delara may hang for trying to save her friend; and in the long run, she did save his life because, unless the Iranian spiritual leaders take mercy upon Delara, she will be executed by hanging and her family will have to watch. Her male friend who committed the murder will be free in less than 10 years.



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