Monday, April 20, 2009

Dust-up at Durban 2: Libyan Chair not pleased

Seems like there was a little dust-up in Geneva at Durban II's UN conference about racism, torture, and other such matters that occurred in Qaddafi's Libya. Below is the link to the video from UN Watch:
Confrontation at Durban II: Tables Turned on Libyan Chair When Torture Victim Blasts Qaddafi Hypocrisy. (I'm having difficulty with this link. Should be able to find it at UN Watch.)
It seems the "Austrian conservative People's Party Minister...criticized Germany, Italy, Poland, and the Netherlands - the only EU countries to stay away from the fiercely anti-Israel Durban 2 conference in Geneva..." The EU has 27 member states so with only 4 missing - shame on the rest of you for attending - there are plenty to lend an ear to the verbal beatings Israel and the rest of us will get.
Seems the United States was in good company by staying away.
My knowledge of European geography is woefully in adequate - I always seem to be misplacing the Netherlands and putting it up with Denmark and Finland. But as its seat of power is The Hague, I would suspect it has its own good reasons to remain away from the racist Durban 2 Conference.
I don't know why the United States did not go but we walked out last year and, frankly, with all of the "Blame America First" stuff we have been enjoying and all the apologies we have been expressing, maybe after considering all the good works our tax dollars do throughout the world, it was time to step back and take our heads off of the "abuse" block for a week.
So, good for the EU states that boycotted Durban II and good for us too, whatever our reasons. I hear the president of Iran was breathing smoke today. The Jerusalem Post, UN Watch, and Durban 2 are good key search words to find more.

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