Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama: president of punishment attacks Veterans!

Mr. Obama is the unsustainable Tsar whom we cannot financially afford. Is this the "change" our nation's people voted for? Well, it is true. Mr. Obama wants to force Veterans to pay for their own medical treatment of injuries incurred during service-connected efforts as a military service person, presumably from their "private" insurance plans. Only one tiny problem here, well several. Many veterans do not have "private" health insurance because they cannot work either because of physical disabilities caused by their wounds and/or psychological traumas sustained in combat which are no less debilitating than physical wounds. Obama first attacks Christians and Jews - no deduction for charitable giving, or for tithes and offerings given to one's church. Mosques will probably not meet the criteria as "charitable" giving because Islam is not a religion as generally understood within Western Civilization. And of course plans to remove our deductions for home mortgages and perhaps even the deduction for property taxes we pay on homes we own are in the works. Is Obama nuts? Or does he know his ratings are dropping like a rock? Now Obama attacks our veterans. He has no shame; and, never having served our nation in any capacity other than as a community agitator paid for by grants or federal funds or minimally as a US Senator, he spits on our VETERANS. Obama is the "president" of punishment: punishment of non-Hispanic white folks; punishment of veterans by making them pay the medical costs associated with "service connected" wounds and injuries (part of their contractual agreement with the government when they signed up to serve the nation). Obama is a liar and he deserves what he gets: a Republican Congress and Senate which is veto-proof in 2010. Veterans are going to be required to pay for the health care that is necessitated as a result of war injuries, service-connected injuries that our veterans sustained serving our nation and the cause of liberty and freedom. Any Congressman or Senator who supports this insanity of Tsar Obama should be booted out of Congress on his butt! Ooh rah! Veterans - let's get those Republicans in line and get them back in office. They have been punished and know the pain and agony of their wayward ways from 2000 to 2006. Problem is WE, the people, are paying the price for what is looking more and more like a questionable decision. Within our democratic republic, we have legal, non-violent ways to bring about change. It is called elections - so in 2010, let's boot the Liberal Left ELITES out on their ears! Psst! AIG and such are distractions, my friends, as our veterans get "screwed" by the "president" who said in his address to congress that he would ensure that our veterans received more in benefits/VA health care. Keep in mind also that AIG is a global "business" and much of our tax dollars are goind to AIG to fund business conducted through AIG in Islamic Republics - the same folks who set the roadside IEDs that injured and killed many of our service men and women. Obama's support of Sharia Law and radical Islamic causes - such as world domination and the overthrow of our capitalist system - over our men and women is becoming more clear day by day. He can't help himself; he was reared by a radical Marxist mom and attended mosque and studied the Koran as a Muslim child from ages 6 through 10 with a very radical, anti-American mon/stepfather when he lived in Indonesia. Associated posts: excellent post... I believe the bastards stepped in it now Yes, I (Rick) wrote bastard, to the chagrin and disappointment of Mrs. BH, but this is just too damned much The American Legion strongly opposed to president's plan to charge wounded heroes for treatment. Obama mulls over making vets pay for service connected injuries (title is paraphrased)

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