Friday, March 13, 2009

Drug Wars on US Southern Border and beyond

Just a quick prediction. Obama is setting up his internal csars and "civilian SS" or in the process of same. However, I have a prediction that things will get way out of hand along our southern border, spilling across into the US into all out wars. I believe this is the case now but no one wants to talk about it. Hush, hush! My prediction is that the Drug Cartels will be way more than Obama can handle and, although he would like to turn their crime against law-abiding citizens, bringing more restrictions against us, he will fail because the crime will be just too huge making Al Capone and company look like bullies on the school yard sandlot. So look for the Drug Cartels to bring real war into the United States and the Governors of these United States will have to take matters into their own hands because Obama will - thank God - be AWOL as he is sealing deals with Islamist buds who themselves even those in league with the Drug Cartels are only pawns when the real rubber hits the road. In other words, all Hell is going to break loose but it won't be want we would normally expect and Obama will be busy trying to control Americans while we are busy defending our nation. Who will win? We'll need some real men in charge in 2010... The drug cartels are gonna get nasty. But Americans will cut the chains that will have been placed around us to bind us and we will rise to defend our nation, our homes, our families.


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