Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sharia Law Update from Common Cents

As we know, Sharia Law in all of its many forms and guises is on the march in naive Western countries trying so very hard to be oh, so tolerant and ever so multicultural. Here is a post from Common Cents, a blog that is new to me: Sharia Law Update. We in the West, especially the United States, have difficulty dealing with Islam's Sharia Law. For one thing, in Islam there is no separation of "church and state", a bedrock principle of our republic. Islam is the STATE. We are stepped in laws that try to be fair and these laws are easily used against us because the goal of Islamic leaders - spoken from their own mouths - is to put Islam in a position to dominate the United States and the world. Largely due to the EU, they are having their way with what was once known as Western Civilization in Europe. A friend's daughter - who had once lived in Paris - has just returned from visiting Paris and she says the original Parisians have moved out turning the City of Light over to the Muslims by and large. England is acting like an Islamic Republic in deeds if not in name and Italy is in a mess according to the words of the late and most wonderful Oriana Fallaci, (Sept. 15, 2006) may she rest in peace. She had the courage and the ability to put words to paper. She spat upon the Islamists who flew into our Twin Towers like the cowards that they were taking innocent men, women, and children with them. Today, we cannot call them "enemy combatants", certainly not "terrorists", and in every step we show them weakness. Well, we are not weak - not at our core - our "elected" Leftist elite may well be weak like Neville Chamberlain but we are not. If you have time, check out Common Cents, one more voice in this war that has been forced upon us; one more voice fighting for the ideals and glories of Western Civilization.


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