Friday, March 13, 2009

Anti-US Islamist sympathizers to powerful in DC

Earlier today, I posted links to a list of excellent posts/articles, very news-worthy that Larwyn had sent out. And then - based on my own long-time curiosity with words and names of organizations and intriqued by the Baron's post at the Gates of Vienna, Wednesday's Child, I had to ask myself: Islam is something we are going to have to come to grips with in the United States and in Western societies and come to grips with it soon. In the United States we have CAIR whose members brief the FBI and perhaps other agencies on how to "treat" Muslim suspects so as not to offend the Muslim's sensibililties. But in the Baron's post, I found the US-Muslim Engagement Project. Interesting. I have been reading many books on Russia recently and currently. I could see a US-Russian Engagement Project; a US-Columbian Engagement Project. But a US-Muslim Engagement Project - conferring national dipolmatic status on Islam/Muslims. What does that mean? Who is our "ambassador" to Muslim? Just the name bothers me because it speaks volumns to the dhimmitude into which we in the United States have already fallen into submission/Islam to Islam. Is our government working and encouraging - establishing - two parallel "governments" within our borders - lets not even bring up the drug cartels and their havok or the sanctuary cities and the Catholic Church's support for illegal aliens from Mexico. I am amazed we are not in total anarchy but somehow the AMERICAN PEOPLE HOLD AMERICA TOGETHER. Are our two main political parties encouraging this US-Muslim Engagement Project Neville Chamberlain appeasement for votes and campaign contributions: one of the GOP's Islamist lackeys is Grover Norquist - that friend of the Islamist cabal mentioned the Baron's Wednesday's Child and the Democat's Islamist lackey is "Charles Freeman".


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