Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama lied to Veterans pre-election?

"Liars to the right of me; liars to the left of me. Liars all around me!" What Obama said in his "address to Congress" about increasing our veterans' benefits is not what he is saying now. Obama is a liar; he only knew Bill Ayers in the neighborhood. That is what comes to mind when one reads of another lie from President Obama - this one to our Veterans. I actually heard Him say that He intended to increase services to Veterans, not this. I never heard Him say He planned to charge veterans for services they receive at our VA hospitals or to charge them for medical care they receive for service connected injuries. Is he nuts or just looking to rape America's fighting men and women? According to The American Legion, President Obama plans to "bill" a veteran or a veteran's insurance company (if he has one) for services received at VA hospitals in connections with "service connected disabilities." It could be worse than this. So, chalk up another lie from our Commander-in-Chief. Here is the news report: The American Legion strongly opposed to president's plan to charge wounded heroes for treatment. Cna you believe this? Obama wants to destroy our free market capitalist system and now he wants to weaken our military by taking away a "promised" benefit from service and sacrifice rendered to those who go and risk life, limb, and sound mind to fight for our freedoms. Does Obama want to destroy our military too by making service so unacceptable that no one would volunteer?

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