Saturday, March 14, 2009

American Leftists and Islamists have same goals for US!

I was reading some comments and found an interesting one from Dumb Ox. It goes as follows "...but no one should imagine that he and Michelle and Rahm and Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers and gang have at all given up on their Afro-Centric Lenninist agenda to overthrow complacent, racist, sexist, homophobic, imperialist, capitalism in this country!" from here. Then there it was, with the exception of the homosexuals whom the Islamists kill and the preborn babies whom the US Liberal Leftists champion having murdered for parts or otherwise, the goals of the American Leftist elites and not so leftist elites AND the goals of the Islamists for America are the same: the destruction of our way of life. That would be the way of life that allows them all to flourish in America as well as in Britain which arguably is the terrorist capitol of the world today with freedoms they could never have in Islamic Republics. The similarities are not original to me but they are becoming evermore glaring. You can find them stated clearly at Crusader Rabbit in the heading. And of course, Dumb Ox stated them clearly as well above from a comment to one of my recent posts. God bless you - those who hold our flag high and are fighting and defending our nation and our freedoms.


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