Monday, March 16, 2009

Muslims attack Minister in West "Third World" London

Practitioners of "spiritual" Islam, or was it "financial" Islam; no maybe it was "tolerant" Islam, or "extremist radical" hate-filled Islam attacked a Minister, Reverend Noble Samuel "who was driving to the studio whan a car pulled over in front of him...." and beat him after clashing with him over/on his TV show. You know the rest; you've seen the scenes in third world action dramas such as "Clear and Present Danger" from years back. Minister beaten after clashing with Muslims on his TV show is the major link. H/T Matt Drudge. It is a miracle that the Metropolitan Police are "treating it as a "faith hate" assault and are hunting three Asian men." The use of the term Asian men is misleading to most Westerners and it is a dodge so as not to confuse the attackers with third world Islamic extremists who pretty much run England these days. When you read "Asian" men being hunted in British newspapers that is code for Muslim men. Britain has hallen so far so fast. You may want to go to here to read the comments. These Muslim men are told, taught, indoctrinated in the Quran not to take as friends Christians or Jews. Attacks on men such as a Christian Minister in Britain speaks to the insantiy today that is Britain. It screams to the insanity which is fast becoming America... Oh, the glories of the "religion (cough) of peace" which means when all of you infidels submit or are killed, there will be peace. As Joel Osteen says, "Get yourself into a good Bible based church...." That's a place to start and to counteract the growing influence if Sharia Law in England which is just a practice run on how to bring the United States to its submission to Sharia Law. Then you can forget about repairing your churches. What do you think Obama's removal of the charitable tax deduction for giving tithes and offerings to your church is all about? It is a very Islam step forward because it becomes a double tax on those charitable dollars because we have already paid income taxes on them before we earned them. Imitation is imitation in whatever guise it takes: attacking a Christian Minister in West London or an attempt to crush our charitable giving whether in tithes and offerings, to foodbanks, or whatever our personal contribution to our fellow man. Either form is very "Islamist" in nature - that charity rich "religion of peace" protecting women from abuse and intimidation as well.

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