Friday, March 13, 2009

Obama, His Mob, but We the People will HOLD

From Larwyn: (with a few comments from moi) The writers/bloggers linked below are excellent so I hope you will take the time to check them out if they are new to you and to check in if they are long-time friends. Linked from Jonah Goldberg - The Happiness of the People, AEI speech by Charles Murray. Obama's "truth" in advertizing: Now Obama tells us? by Victor Davis Hanson on National Review Online. Is there any question in anyone's mind with any synapses firing that Obama would have been elected had he exhaled one whiff of just one tenth of one percent of what he would have "done" in just 50 days in office? Sorry, he cannot blame this on Bush. The housing stuff goes back to Jimmy Carter - pbuh and Bill Clinton and yes, that lovable little community legal agitator, Obama cutting his teeth on teaching thugs that may be in ACORN on how to intimidate bankers into making those risky loans. Obama says nationalizing healthcare and cap and trade is what is needed to shore up economy. Well, yes in the USSR perhaps or may Cuba... Don Surber's, Just ask me: Did Obama just lie to get his hands on plenty of "walking around money" to buy votes, to destroy our economy, et al.... Baron Bodissey of The Gates of Vienna has posted on the GOP's own "Charles Freeman" by the name of Grover Norquist - that friend of the Islamist cabal in the Baron's Wednesday's Child Just a few paragraphs from the Baron's post: (see Wednesday's Child for the links)
"Grover Norquist is a conservative activist and the president of Americans for Tax Reform. He is also well-known in Washington D.C. circles as a friend of Islam. Since the 1990s he has held weekly “Wednesday meetings” in which he briefs fellow conservatives and helps plot strategy for the Republican party.

But yesterday it was Mr. Norquist’s turn to be briefed.

A few days ago I wrote about John Kerry’s speech on the Senate floor touting the U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project. Yesterday Mr. Norquist’s group was briefed by Vin Weber, a member of the leadership group of the same U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project.

According to several attendees who were present at Grover Norquist’s Wednesday meeting, all the participants — presumably including members of Congress — received their own paperback copies of the “Changing the Course” document (pdf), which outlines the steps needed to help the United States achieve reconciliation with the Muslim world.

Unfortunately for non-Muslims in the United States, this prescription involves more engagement and more appeasement."
And then allow me to direct you to the link in my side-bar here at Conservative Beach Girl for Islam's Twenty Year Plan to take over the United States. As an aside, I have a question. Does the US-Muslim Engagement Project - yes, it is real - sound to you like we (non-Muslims) in the West are dealing with a "religion" or submitting to a cultural ideology that is working to dominate us? How about a name like Christian-Judeo/Muslim Engagement Project? No? Simply because Islam goes far beyond the tenets of "religion". Islam is the "state"; Islam may have a "spiritual" component but it is the political, financial, and social dominance that is working to change our way of life. Then forcing us to submit to the "spiritual" component will be easy. Just one woman's opinion. Of course, Muslims kill homosexuals and are against abortions so that does put them on a collision course with San Fran Nan, eh? On this US-Muslim Engagement Project question? Be honest now. Doesn't it sound like the US is giving national diplomatic status and recognition to Muslims as individually "citizens" of a separate and different nation? If so, then how do they/Muslims live side-by-side with Christians and Jews in the United States who share no such status and get away with demurely calling Islam a "religion?" From Ace of Ace of Spades HQ, Corzine on the ropes. Could be trouble in New Jersey for one connected guy? And if things couldn't get better, here from Aces is Details of the Bribery Scheme. Associated: Kundra: Gee, ya think? And could Bill Richardson be having trouble in good old New Mexico's Santa Fe: Richardson: Forget the bus, warm-up the steamroller from Riehl World View. And could it be that old Blue Eyes Bill Ayers IS an accused "cop killer"? We know wifey is, good old Bernadine but I thought Bill had escaped any such accusations??? Guy from Obama's neighborhood now an accused cop killer??? Hmmm... And Maxine Waters tied to bank she sought funds to bailout. Nothing surprising about that really. She is a radical, socialist from CA who wants to nationalize our gas and oil industries. From Tigerhawk, by Charlottesvillian, Wealth of the Boomers. I have said something similar before. The boomers went a long way to putting Obama and his band of thugs, I mean csars into office, and these same boomers have seen how they are being repaid. A few companion pieces on the "rising" market: One reason the market has moved up recently and from the BizzyBlog, POR economy trough we hope benchmarking. POR stands for Pelosi, Obama, and Reid. Go Tom!

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