Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama: his 'drafted' Young Pioneers?

At first one has to wonder where Obama will get his "civilian national security force" that is to be stronger than our military and that will act on American soil against Americans. Brownshirts undercover. Could be ACORN and the "greens" under Van Jones. But now we have a clearer picture unfolding. Not 'volunteer' service but mandatory service with uniforms and territories. Big H/T to Michael Savage for his "Obama's plan to force kids into paramilitary domestic army exposed". This is the title of the link at Michael's site that sends you to an article by Bob Unruh at World Net Daily: House adopts plan for 'volunteer' corps. Think of Mao and his army of "youth" who destroyed all of the culture of China that they could and herded all dissenters into re-education/indoctrination camps; think of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge; think Lord of the Flies. And as Michael Savage says, to paraphrase, Obama's youth will be modeled after Russia's "Young Pioneers". We'll never know how many parents were turned in to the KGB (whatever their secret police were called at the time of the Black Marias and the thump on the door in the middle of the night, never to see daylight or their children again, turned in by their own children. Info on Young Pioneers and here. Here is a link to the actual vote on HR 1388 of the 111th Congress: HR 1388: To reauthorize and reform the national service law. The bill is here. And from the Heritage, Brian Brown has written an excellent article The Death of Public Service. We have to keep in mind that Obama is first and foremost a "community agitator", "community organizer", an avid student of Saul Alinsky and a avid participant in the Chicago political machine, so Obama's means of bringing about his goals would include a component of community-based and organized gangs. What would these "uniformed" gangs do? From what is available it seems to be "volunteer" but you know how peer pressure works on youth. If you are the odd-man out, not in uniform, soon you'll cave to be in a uniform with your friends attending special training at special indoctrination "camps." We can undo the damage Obama creates through lawful, non-violent means = vote Republican in 2010. Or vote another party other than Democrat, but we must all vote as one body. Our childrens' futures depend on it and it appears our very freedoms depend on Americans sticking together to fight socialism and to fight against an Imperial Presidency of our President of Punishment.

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