Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Geert Wilders and Bat Ye'or at Tundra Tabloids

A must-read post at Tundra Tabloids about Geert Wilders: Bat Ye'or defends Geert Wilders: "Does Defending Western Values Constitute 'Inciting Hatred'.....?" No, in a word, and we better start defending the West PDQ and as Najistani suggests with mocking humor. In the states, I've wanted all Christian women to dress in black burqas when they go out of the house every day for a month including to church on Sundays - not as a joke but to demonstrate the slavery under which many Muslim women live. But I digress... And important post with must-read comments from Najistani. As Najistani points out better than I can, the West must point out the inconsistencies of Islam that make aspects humourous. In America, we all had a sense of humor at one time and laughed at ourselves. That was one of our greatest internal strengths because we could laugh at our idiosyncracies and know that behind it all we were a strong people. The old TV shows like All in the Family and Chico and the Man come to mind to name two. But Najistani is not talking about that kind of laughter. She is talking about aspects that make some behaviors into "laughing stock" behavior. I am always somewhat shocked when men seeming to be brave beat their chests, hide behind head scarfs, and chant as they behead a defenseless man in an orange jumpsuit, his hands tied behind his back - left screaming for his life. That takes brave men indeed to do such cowardly acts. Threatening, certainly, but speed up the tape and they look like - well, you know what they look like. Cowards hiding their faces during the time of their seemingly greatest act of cowardice. Primitive and adolescent, no manners and no culture. Certainly hoods over their heads so that they wouldn't recognize each other in prison could not have been much of an insult after hiding behind scarfs. We have to understand that Islamic leaders have studied us and what we see as our strengths, they have defined as weaknesses and they are carving away at our strengths, turning them into weaknesses that they, the Islamic leaders, can and do exploit. The exploitation rests upon the 'teachings' of Mohammed as having come from Allah who, at the time of his elevation to a higher ranking god, was really just a lesser god among several hundred gods. The Organization of Islamic Congerence focuses among other things on "global blasphemy" designed to end free speech and even the most innocuous discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of Islam as an ideology much like the discussions many of us had when we took Comparative Literature or Comparative Religion classes. In these classes we studied about the tenets of various "religions" and openly discussed the strengths, weaknesses, differences, and similarities. I am struck, for example, that Catholics, Jews, and Muslims ALL use some form of beads during some religious ritualistic aspects of their "worship." Is that a criticism or an observation? Our recent presidents have pointed out time and again that our beef is not with the Muslim people or with Islam but with the Islamic terrorists. We need to come to terms that their beef is with us, with our freedoms, and with our very existence - no apologies.


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