Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama and Geithner to seize financial firms at will?

And first they came for the banks... That is what Lenin did in Russia in the beginning of the take-over of Russia and transforming it into the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic. With information such as U.S. seeks Expanded Power to Seize Firms by Binyamin Appelbaum and David Cho, Washington Post Staff Writers, it is clear - crystal clear - that Obama's plan is to destroy our free enterprise system and to nationalize our businesses with a Green (bright, neon green) Beret as the government representative in every business that still exists throughout the United States of Socialist America. I am reminded of the 'political' officer on the submarine, Red October, in the great movie, The Hunt for Red October, when I imagine Obama's neon green helmeted 'political' officer in every shop, bakery, and shoe store throughout America. Is this the 'change' you voted for? Easily 54, 56, or 58 million Americans voted AGAINST this change and I'd bet that most of the folks who voted for Barack Hussein Obama did not vote for "closed shops" or socialism with a capital 'S' but here we have it none the less. Nikita Kruschev pounded his shoe on a table and said we would be destroyed from within. And now we have a president who appears to intend to dismantle the United States industry by industry. Welcome to 1984: freedom bad; enslavement good. The article is named: U.S. seeks expanded power to seize firms. I believe the title is incorrect and should read 'Obama to seize any financial (fill in the blank) firm at will.' We are experiencing no less than the Obama Administration running heavy-booted and rough shod over what were once free Americans able to conduct business. First they came for the banks, but because I was not a banker, I did not stand up and fight... You know the rest.

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