Tuesday, March 24, 2009

America: defenseless on our borders

One of the highest aspects of the "oath of office" taken by our president and by our elected officials is to protect the United States from enemies foreign and domestic. So far, we, the people, are met with one distraction after another for the purpose of keeping our borders open, our eyes off of the growing power of the drug cartels along our border and within our nation's porous borders. Why? To give our federal government more power over law abiding citizens whenever they - the elected leaders - choose to use the power they have. We, the people, are sitting ducks for drunk driving illegal aliens from Mexico, for the slave trade carried on in our midst, for the growing strength of the South American drug cartels being allowed to flourish within our borders. As one example, North Carolina might as well be annexed by Mexico; it has certainly been taken over by illegals. And how many sanctuary cities do we have where federal laws against illegals are not upheld? Virginia Beach is a sanctuary city and it also has a Mexican consulate office. San Francisco is a sanctuary city but that is no surprise. They elect Nancy Pelosi. So, while AIG and Citigroup - practicing Sharia Finance - are being bailed out by US taxpayer dollars and the bonuses are being played as great distractions, our president for every day that goes by and he does not militarize our southern border against the illegals and the drug cartels is leading us closer and closer to chaos and to martial law. I cannot believe we have yet again another president who will not defend this nation and her people from invasion and from drug cartels. Must we become a nation divided like Columbia with a guerrilla war going on within our borders like the FARC (sp) in Columbia. Where is the president who will defend our nation? Where is the president or the elected Congress that will follow the U.S. Constitution where it states at least 5 times that Congress can call out our forces to defend our nation and our citizens? Or will Obama allow it to get so bad that we are forced to scream out for the very 'civilian national security force' that will put us, not our enemies, in shackles and chains. I cannot even believe our leaders want this for this great nation but so far their actions speak far more loudly than their words. Where will the defense of these United States come from? From our respective governors? Pray God someone - not a Marxist student of Saul Alinsky - will come to our defense so that we may live in a land of laws, in the land of the free and the home of the brave...

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