Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mark R. Levin: Liberty and Tyranny; with a comment on Sharia Finance

Start reading NOW: Liberty and Tyranny by Mark R. Levin, a Conservative Manifesto. We have whipped the Republicans around and the cat-o'nine tails is ripping the skin off of our bodies. We - as a people - put Obama in the White House and we gave him a democrat-led House and Senate. Shame on us! Now we are the ones being beaten soundly around the head and shoulders. Americans of all political stripes, except the diehard Leftists who should be in Siberia for what they are doing or trying to do to this country, should stand for freedom for everyone. Okay, so Republicans and average Democrats differ on their views on a few things. Some people like to give a man two fish so that he'll be dependent and have to come back the next day for his ration of two fish. Others like to teach a man to fish so he can be a man and catch his own fish and, if he wants to do so, even open up his own fishing company to catch fish for those of us who work at other jobs. Either way, we MUST take the power out of the hands, mean hands, of the Democrat leadership and give the power back to We the people. We wanted to punish the Republicans for their wayward spending. Seems laughable now compared to Obama's spending and he hasn't even hit 100 days yet. We need to wipe that fixed smile off San Fran Nan's face and take her out of her job as Speaker of the House before she kills us with more taxes and spending until there are no more trees left in America for printing money. History books are being re-written as I type: the era under Obama when the United States changed from a representative republic into an autocratic nation under Presidential Tyranny. True, Bush, Clinton, and Bush II paved the way and are we ever paying for it... But we are Americans and we - together - can fight our way out from under the boot of legislative and executive tyranny. We still have a vote and we may have to set partisan politics aside to win our freedoms back. Then we can disagree about the little things. We can re-institute those deductions on all charitable giving, on home mortgage interest, on real estate property taxes. The little things that make home ownership a good thing. And we can teach ourselves about Sharia Compliant Finance and how to keep it out of our nation. More references on Sharia-Compliant Finance: here and at Atlas Shrugs: Sharia Finance = Money for Jihad. Why these references when championing Mark R. Levin's book, Liberty and Tyranny? Islamic imams and higher leaders have declared "war against us". This is a war that we didn't start but are forced to fight. The Islamists are fighting with every weapon they have: visible and invisible. Sharia-Compliant Finance is one of the worms that can work itself into the host body hardly detected at all until the host has been mortally wounded. Our liberty and our free enterprise financial system go hand in hand in keeping our 'body politic' healthy and well. Sharia-Compliant Finance seeks nothing less than our complete destruction. It is a 'weapon of mass destruction' that will tear us to shreds. AIG and Citigroup, it is my understanding, both practice aspects of Sharia-Compliant Finance and our taxpayer dollars are going to support both of these international companies. And as Pamela says at Atlas Shrugs: "Sharia Finance equals money for Jihad", money that fuels the Islamists engine of war.


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