Friday, December 05, 2008

Obama violates Constitution in Hillary pick for Sec. of State?

Is it true that Obama has violated the US Constitution by selecting Hillary Clinton, a sitting Senator, as the Secretary of State? I found that interesting today when I heard it on the radio from a Constitutional Law professor who said that Obama's appointment of Hillary Clinton violates the US Constitution - I don't know the exact Article - in that the appointment places her in a position with higher salary and compensation than the current position she holds and that she has to complete her term in the Senate before moving into a higher compensation job. Any truth to that? Would she, technically, have to resign from the Senate first? Anyone got the word on this? I'm just curious...


Blogger Michael said...

I don't know if you ever got an answer for this, but yes it's true.

It's called the "emoluments clause", you can google that for more discussion.

What it says is that for during the term in which a senator is elected, they can not be appointed to a position of authority within the govt that the salary or entitlements were increased during their service.

Bottom line though, no one cares. You won't hear it on mainstream news. These people care little about "the technicalities" of our constitution.

You can also google something called "the saxby fix", which shows this has been done before, but it is really no remedy.


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