Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Berg v. Obama: Does Obama meet Constitutional requirements to be President of the United States?

As you probably know, Philip Berg, a lawyer and long-time Democrat, has filed a suit questioning whether or not Obama meets the qualifications to be President in accordance with the requirements as stated in the U.S. Constitution, centering around native-born citizenship. Barack Obama not eligible for the presidency: very good post (short) with good links to the Berg Writ of Certiorari and other documentation including info of a telecommunication statement from his paternal grandmother stating that he was born in Kenya. Obama birth certif controversy to SCOTUS: more on the issues surrounding the controversy. And an excellent source document is found at Atlas Shrugs posted by Pamela Geller: Obama's birth certificate forgery. I have had good responses from a post, Supreme Court to Obama: produce legal birth certificate? Those responses have led me to provide these additional links. We are a nation of laws that all must follow or we are not! From the perspective of ideological differences and getting government out of our business, I find President-elect Obama to be a troubling choice. As an American, I don't think it is unreasonable to ask President-elect Obama to present a legal certification of birth and put the question raised by Philip Berg to rest.


Blogger Beach Girl said...

From bobillw: "You'll not be satisfied even if Obama hands his official birth certificate to the Supreme Court."

Oh so very wrong you are. I am very satisfied, especially if he has no official birth certificate. I want our president to do well on behalf of our nation because we are all in this boat together. I have absolutely no hatred toward Obama or his family - I just believe his political ideology is dangerous but I just guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I also believed some of President George W. Bush's actions or in-action were dangerous just as I believe these "bailouts" are just a nice way of saying "we're nationalizing all we can" and we'll tax the rest of private enterprise out of existence.

I am also very glad that when taxes go up - and they will - they'll go up for well-off Liberals as well, except for some of the really rich who pay little or no taxes because of how they are able to write-off so many expenses.

I am so delighted that there is no Republican in control of the House, the Senate, or the Executive and soon the Supreme Court will be so Left, it will sink the ship of state. One cannot know how glad I am that the Liberal Socialists will finally have a chance to have their way or at least try.

We are no longer able to fight off the long reach of Socialism. I do "hope" that Obama does not take the nation in the direction he wants to take us - a lot of that has already been handed to him through the Patriot Act and the "bailout" so the rest may be easier - but "hope" is for suckers.

Perhaps when "health care" becomes more rationed as it will, the Left that has replaced a belief in God with a belief in Obama will have a chance to learn that he is a left-leaning politician like any other.

Anyone who wants "abortion on demand" up to the time of birth is a murderer or is aiding and abetting infanticide. And that we, the people, will eventually have to pay for.

But you are very wrong in your estimation of my attitude of Obama being in the White House. As an American, though, I still - at least for the moment - have the right to disagree with his policies and actions just as I did when I disagreed with President Bush. Or must Conservatives bow to the wisdom of President-elect Obama too?

I do want him to be good for our nation in office but as I have said many times, we'll have to see how that plays out.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

One more thing - Socialists and the followers of Saul Alinsky in America just simply believe that Socialism has not worked in other nations because the "right"/smart people were not implementing it. In America, the Socialists and followers of Saul Alinsky - under the banner of the far-left folks in the Democrat Party - believe that they are the "right" people to implementate Socialism and have it work. Well, they are wrong.

Socialism destroys the "work ethic" - why should anyone work when someone else will live off of the former worker's efforts for free. Some Americans are learning this already.

Obama will have his chance and we'll see how it goes. He is our President-elect and will be our President. As an American, I'm willing to give him a chance but I reserve the right to disagree if/when he should move in a direction I do not agree with.

I just don't know who his "handlers" are. And I am certain he will tick off the MSM and the far-left sooner rather than later. But, unlike the virulent hatred of George W. Bush that the Far-left had and has, I do not believe that is within Conservatives toward Obama - our concern is his proposed policies.

Maybe when he walks into the Oval Office alone for the first time as President of the United States he'll have an awakening at the awesome power and responsibility of the position.

He has said he will be the president to all Americans - I think Conservatives are ready and willing to give him that chance but that does not mean we have to set aside our principles and drink the kool-aid.

We have to be vigilant and try to "save" the far-left inspite of themselves if possible; and if not them, we will have to fight for our nation and the principles upon which she was founded.

1:02 PM  

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